Xperia 10+ got stuck in a strange status

Some weeks ago I checked to flash a new Sony Xperia X10 plus with Sailfish. Ok, that worked fine. But I did not like the way to operate this OS. So I attempted to flash it with the current LineageOS.
Of unkown circumstances I came to a status with nor more reaction but the statement:
“Your device is corrupt. - It can’t be trusted and will not boot.”
This appears on powering on and the display is switched off after some seconds.

I’m now very interested in installing /e/. But how to manage this?
Does anybody can give me a hint how to overcome this strange status?


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welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

If the stock ROM of your Xperia X10 is on Pie, you could flash it to start from scratch before installing the unofficial Pie GSI build.

Other people with more knowledge on Sony might help more.