Xperia XA2 status - or: Good /e/ phones right now?

Hi everyone,

i am very curious about this project and also want to become an /e/ user.
Right now i do not have a compatible phone as seen here
Since i was watching Sailfish OS in parallel, i am tending towards getting an Sony xperia XA2. However, as of now it says “unofficial” and under known issues, updates apparently send the device into a boot loop.

I’ve got two questions:
Can this error be bypassed somehow?
On which device are you running /e/ and are you (more or less, considering it is 0.5) happy with it?

Please let me know :slight_smile:

That site might be outdated. You can find the current list of supported devices here:

I am quite happy about /e/ on my LeEco Le2 (there are however problems with the camera)

I have been using /e/ on my main driver for the last 4 month. Phone is a Xiaomi miA1. /e/ ROM is the official build. No issues. Have a number of users of the same model on the forum. At the same time a user with a newer model of the MiA1 was having issues installing /e/ or lineage ROM’s on it. The issues can be specific to devices and you should check if the device you are planning on buying is officially supported by lineage before selecting it.

Thanks for your comments, @Markus and @Manoj
Could you please let me know which battery life you are getting roundabout with /e/?

I understand it is not even 1.0, but I’d really like to get aboard pretty soon with a nice and (hopefully) long supported phone.
Edit: just saw that the xperia xa2 is also part of the first lineage16 phones. I guess /e/ is deviating from LS as much as required, but as little as possible to reduce maintainance effort (which would be totally understandable). Is that true?

My Phone is a Xperia XA2 and I’d like to move to /e/. How likely would the reported bug be fixed ?

With my LeEco Le2 I usually have 40-60% left after one day, so I charge every or every second night.
When I use screen intensive apps (like navigation during travel) I have to charge every night and am left with 10-20% every evening.

Currently there are over 200 issues reported on the bugtracker:
It is quite difficult to make predictions about if and when each of them will be addressed.

Well, let’s ask the question another way :

  • the XA2 has UNOFFICIAL support
  • the Gitlab page says “Update doesn’t apply correctly and results into endless boot”
  • I can’t find this bug in the bugtracker.

Does this mean that nobody will work on this endless boot issue ?

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Hi @VincentS let me check on this and get back with the resolution.

@VincentS there is an issue with the over the air (OTA) updates for the XA2. Because of this the build is still termed as an Unofficial build. This is also not an experience by XA2 users across the board because some were able to update the build OTA. Manually flashing the build works. Not an elegant solution but may be a work around for now. And do not have an ETA as yet but yes we are working on resolving this issue.

Thank you Manoj for this comprehensive answer !

I will be joining /e/ with a second-hand Xiaomi Mi A1. Looking forward to it :slight_smile:
Would have preferred XA2 but unofficial support made me feel uneasy.

Officially suppotred now



Are the OTA updates working now on XA2?
I am asking since mine can see that updates are available, but it will not download them, saying that there are issues with wifi network (which is working for any other tasks … so not totally clear to me…)


The download should be working now. I checked manually downloading it and it was working for the XA2.

thanks. I will try to see what is wrong then …