XPrivacyLua integration



It would be nice to be informed about the current state of XPrivacyLua integration. Even Gael himself seems to be intrested in XPrivacy , but for some reason I don’t find any other mention of it here.


In the post you cite, it is said: “maybe integrate XPrivacy”
You are right, that since that time it was not mentioned again, so currently it is not worked on.
The devs work at the moment on issues related to the V1 release and the appstore.


I’m wondering why. In my opinion, any Android ROM created with privacy in mind should pay maximum attention to control of applications activity. Things like XPrivacyLua and NetGuard are even recommended by the privacytools.io. It would be great if we finally could get ROM that contains such tools by default.


Hi! thanks for raising this topic.
The issue so far is that had to focus on the core project, but we can definitely have this in mind for the next months.
Did some of you experiment with XPrivacy yet? Would be curious to have some feedback.
One constraint though, is the dependency of this project to Xposed.


Right. The Xposed Framework, although working fine on all of my devices and ROMs (KtKat thru Oreo - multiboot so quite a few), others might not be so lucky. Depending on device. For XprivacyLua to be included then Xposed would have to be integrated. I suppose it’s doable. IIRC the LOS-based MoKee ROM has/had it integrated.

So making sure an included Xposed for Nougat and Oreo will work across all supported devices would have to be dealt with before XPrivacyLua consideration. I think. :grin:


I have a doubt because I haven’t used xprivacylua a lot but is there anything doable with this app which can’t be done through the ROM confidentiality parameters ?


I don’t think there’s anything built into ROMs that do what XPL does, providing fake or no data to apps. We generally have just permission based stuff.
If you run an app like Paranoid for Android you may find some apps that have access to certain permissions outside of what we can toggle on/off via AppInfo/PrivacyGuard/AppOps. This is where XPrivacy come into play. An app might have access to your contacts even though there’s no permissions setting for it. One either removes the app or keep it but feed it false/fake/no data. Stuff like that.


Waw ok. I thought it was a simple permission manager. The fake/false data is a very interesting functionnality.

Thank you for the explanation :slightly_smiling_face:


May be a dumb question, but isn’t there a way to integrate XPrivacy into ROM at a lower level to eliminate the need for Xposed?

For example, I’ve heard about IMEI, SIM info and WiFi network name.


By the way, LOS developers directly express their disgust for the Xposed. I think that makes sense and such haсks have no place in any official build. Perhaps we should talk not about the integration of the XPrivacyLua as it is, but about the adoption its basic functions. And it’s tough…


And it is worth mentioning that since Android Q we will be asked for permissions to use non-resettable device identifiers. That’s a lot better than it is now.