Your 2024 journey with /e/OS and Murena (and a V2!)

Good idea. Cars truly becoming a privacy nightmare nowadays. Sadly also radios become more proprietary, and often are not DIN-compatible anymore now, so exchanging it will get much harder.
Also a lot of producers put their basic controls, e.g. air conditioning into their proprietary radio, which makes it almost impossible so switch the radio.
Everyone that takes privacy serious, should probably only buy a car before 2019, because of better DIN compatibility and also because those didnt have a blackbox yet, which is the next step to total surveillance in cars.

If there was a way to flash eOS on a affordable Double Din Radio, id really would like to give it a try :slight_smile:

As Apple has stopped his icar what about an eOS car but without the autonomous self driving features? ;- )

Thanks a lot for all the work done already! Great what you achieved so far!

I’d like to know if E2E encryption of the Murena cloud data is still on the roadmap. As far as I remember Nextcloud supports it already and there were efforts to use it in Murena.


Even if it offers perfect privacy, any application (LLM or otherwise) that I don’t want to use, but cannot be removed, would be bloatware. These applications also consume resources (even if it’s just storage) and increase the attack surface. The ability to remove anything that isn’t fundamentally required for the phone to boot and function should be a given IMO.


Maybe AOSP is closer to what you are looking for than /e/ or any Lineage based distro.

If it’s a pre-installed App, the standard Android way to uninstall it via ADB would be available at least.

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It would be very very nice (please :pleading_face:) to include a real Dynamic Color system in /e/ v2.

As far as I am aware Lineage (the base) has a monet engine. It would be very cool to be able to change the default colors to your liking, since that is basically one of the most important (or at least most advertised and well-known) features of Android 12 (and above). Please include a Color changing option

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Congratulations and a big thank you for your work.
I recently had the misfortune to have to replace my motherboard of my FP3 and come back on a replacement mobile with google! What a pain!
I found my FP3 with great satisfaction.
definitely the V2 that I hope will work well with older devices like the FP3
Once again, congratulations to Gaël and his entire team.
Good road…
Bravo et un grand merci pour votre travail.
J’ai eu dernièrement la malchance de devoir remplacer ma carte mère de mon FP3 et de revenir sur un mobile de rechange avec google ! Quelle plaie !
J’ai retrouvé mon FP3 avec une grande satisfaction.
vivement la V2 qui je l’espère fonctionnera bien avec les appareils plus anciens comme le FP3
Encore une fois, bravo à Gaël et à toute son équipe.
Bonne route…

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Many many thanks for all the hard work. This is such a positive step in a surveillance world.
It was something I was waiting for for years.

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I can’t wait to see how you’re going to improve the launcher and the camera! And I really welcome the TTS initiative, which I think is essential if we’re to break free from Google’s aegis. Add to that a truly usable TTS and things would be perfect.
Your idea of an LLM is brilliant :heart_eyes: I can’t wait to see how you’re going to interpret it while respecting confidentiality :eyes: especially with the panoply of models that exist and that are going to be released :eyes::eyes: for me it’s excellent to keep up with the times, and for those who don’t agree just don’t use it :sparkles:


re. car stereo.
I’ve just found a provider of Android devices with a focus for car stereo. It looks like almost all important car vendors and car models are covered. Maybe it would be possible to install /e/OS on those devices. Maybe /e/OS can even partner with that company and provide optional /e/OS installation. It looks like a company based in china, but they provide websites for many European languages (including German, Spanish and french or Seicane com)

I really hope V2 can improve picture quality of my Teracube phone but I suspect that the camera hardware will really limit the amount of improvement that’s possible

Any hint on when are you planning to sell it? :wink:

Question: I specified wifi-only (or something like that) during 2.0 setup, can I enable cell going forward?

Thanks to all the devs for great work on 2.0, it’s awesome!

Sure you can, you go to your ‘mobile data’ or ‘simcard’ there should be an option to activate it again

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Thanks for responding, and apologies for dumb question.

There are no dumb questions


Maybe, before selling a new product, it would be wiser to rectify the problems of the Murena 1 and Murena 2…


Sorry, but I have to comment on this since my Forever Fairphone 3+ was gone just a few weeks before. I put it to the local repair shop, but they were not able to do anything. They said a failure on the motherboard, and they do not get information from Fairphone about the layout. Also, they mentioned that spare parts are more than hard to receive after just 2 to 3 years after the end of the lifecycle. So, I am a little bit frustrated about their comments to Fairphone and hopefully they are wrong about…

For the Fairphone 3/3+ this is correct, unfortunately. So Fairphone worked on the legal issues hindering them, so complete schematics for the Fairphone 4 and 5 are available.