Your Messenger verification code is G-XXXXXX

Ever since switching my phone number to a Sony Xperia Z5C which I installed /e/ on, I have been receiving these “Your Messenger verification code is G-XXXXXX” codes daily from the number 40214. The messages will be sent at an increasing time each day, 7:48 AM, 8:10 AM, 8:45 AM… The six digit number following the G is always different.

I am using the MVNO TracFone right now, but will soon be switching so I can see if that affects it.

Research suggests it is a Google verification codes (Reddit):
Although I do have a Gmail account tied to my number, there are no security reports for it, and the daily consistency is odd.

Another resource refers to an “RCS Hack” (Google):
Solution references Carrier Services app which I do not have.

Has anyone else ran into this issue? Is it because I do not have Carrier Services installed?

Any help would be appreciated.