Your Messenger verification code is G-XXXXXX

Ever since switching my phone number to a Sony Xperia Z5C which I installed /e/ on, I have been receiving these “Your Messenger verification code is G-XXXXXX” codes daily from the number 40214. The messages will be sent at an increasing time each day, 7:48 AM, 8:10 AM, 8:45 AM… The six digit number following the G is always different.

I am using the MVNO TracFone right now, but will soon be switching so I can see if that affects it.

Research suggests it is a Google verification codes (Reddit):
Although I do have a Gmail account tied to my number, there are no security reports for it, and the daily consistency is odd.

Another resource refers to an “RCS Hack” (Google):
Solution references Carrier Services app which I do not have.

Has anyone else ran into this issue? Is it because I do not have Carrier Services installed?

Any help would be appreciated.

Well, I switched carriers yesterday from the MVNO TracFone to the MVNO Red Pocket and received the same type of messages today. This should mean that the issue is carrier independent. Has anyone else had this problem?

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