Your phone isn’t really spying on your conversations—the truth might be even creepier

i recommend reading the article and looking at the video from the “town hall” which is very interesting.


Excellent find. Two thoughts:

  1. Listen carefully to the phrasing, they “promise” they are not “listening”. I suspect that this is truth in the very narrow construction of the answer- but it is likely not the COMPLETE answer. While there is no human actively listening, it is more than likely that speech-to-text applications are capturing human vocal content for future use/reference or other purposes… to better build their “virtual avatars” of each of us. Classic misdirection.

  2. I agree with the notion that we are primordial-ooze primitive users of highly advanced (which border upon godlike) systems, governed under feudal/medieval institutions.

  3. (Bonus!) The notion/belief that it is incumbent upon the self-appointed tech cognoscenti to continuously “tweak the algorithm” to obtain the results they are looking for and to suppress those results they find “undesireable” is dangerous ground.