Yousician app scrolling hickups on FP3

I hope this is the best place to report, as I suspect this is more of a kernel/hw-related issue than general OS one.

I’m using Yousician to learn how to play music on a FP3, that I just flashed with /e/. The app is based on scrolling the tablature or notes while playing sound and listening to played notes. There are slight pauses during the screen animations (what I qualified as hickups… dunno how to best qualify), which render the experience a bit weird. Not unusable, but clearly not as smooth as on the original Android OS of the FP3.

Could this be related to some “real-time” optimizations lost in the port to google-less ? Is this a known symptom for other games or similar applications ?

Thanks in advance for your hints.

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I’ve seen someone reporting that their FP3 feels slow under certain circumstances. Not sure if your problem has the same root cause, but you could check if this helps: FP3 seems slower than FP2

Hello, this may be related to this. There are kernel improvements on the way.

IIUC, that issue you’re referring to @andrelam, is related to the power being plugged. But Yousician seems to behave the same, be it plugged or not… so I guess that’s not the culprit here :wink:

I’ve tried to change the animation scale to x5 and the 2 other parameters, but that wouldn’t feel any different :-/ Thanks anyway.

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Its not alway related to the power plug, there are changes that could solve your problem. I run a build with the kernel changes implemented and see almost no hicks in the app you mentioned.

Would you mind sharing details on which build ?

Custom build is based on these kernel changes. And this device branch.

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Problem solved for me since today’s OTA update, you should try again your app.

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Do you have /e/ FP3, or did you flash /e/ yourself?

Yes this is a brand new FP3 where I have flashed the first release of Eelo. Yesterday I have launched the OTA update, so it was not subsequent to flashing. In fact I have opened a Gitlab thread and they were working on it and they told me to check after the OTA update.

I can confirm this is solved too now.

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