Youtube App not loading videos properly

Hello there,

I am using a Fairphone 4 with the lates e os Version 1.10 The Youtube App can not play the wholevideo. It stops loading at a few seconds or a few minutes. This also exists when scrolling through the home screen and preview the videos. Then the Preview stops too. I disabled all the Advanced Privacy features and the problem still exists. I dont use the tor network. The Youtube moblie Site is working fine, but i prefer using the app.
Any ideas how i can solve the loading issue?
Thanks for an answer


I have exactly this same issue on my Oneplus 7T. I tried downgrading the app version and updating eOS from v1.8.1 to v1.9 with no success.

I have the same issue. Using avicii oneplus nord and the only thing which helps is to clean the app’s cache. But this is only tenporary and helps for a few hours. Afterwards the problem reappears.

Reinstalling the app also did not help.

I’m glad, that I’m not alone.

Do you use directly YouTube app? How about NewPipe, does this one work properly?


Apps such as NewPipe or LibreTube work without any such issues.

Okay. I switch to another app. Thank you.

Yeah ! You will see newpipe is awesome! You can reach other networks like SoundCloud, Peertube… And you can also just play the sound of a video if you don’t need to watch someone just speaking for example, that’s reduce your Co2 footprint.

Newpipe works great! Thanks for the suggestion.

Having the same problem here. I realize there are alternatives like NewPipe, but I would like to know why the YouTube app (from the AppLounge) has this problem.

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Could it be because it is owned by Google?! You could have given the answer yourself.
And yes, Google has stolen the platform from us.

Hi !
Is anyone know why this issue occur on Youtube Application ?

I finally put my wife on e/OS/, but she watch Youtube a lot, and it’s going to be painful at long…