Youtube frontend caption translation

Hi, I am using Newpipe frontend for youtube, and I also know invidious (browser based) and Skytube… I’m wondering, does anyone know how to translate captions from other than default languages in Newpipe like you can in Youtube?
Thank you so much

Hi, I don’t think it’s possible for now in NewPipe to have automatic translated subtitles.

Ok, thank you!
Do you know any other YT frontends that support translation?

I don’t, but recently I have only used NewPipe so maybe it exists somewhere.

Hi, incase anyone was curious, I have discovered NP (the awesome APP!) is capable of caption translation:

  • 3 bar menu

  • Appearance

  • Captions

SIDE NOTE: I use NewPipe every day. I’m so grateful for all the work obviously put in by the devs!!! :grin: