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The recent telegram buzz about reviving the abandoned YouTube Vanced has come to my attention. Developers has made a youtube patcher designed to mod the factory youtube to remove ads, sponsor segments, add dark mode, and pictures-in-picture. It is called YouTube reVanced.

Now to my concern. The open source option for YouTube before reVanced gained steam is newpipe. I have been using it for several months. It is OK but far inferior to any version of Vanced ever made. The problem is that when I tried to install ReVanced on /e/ it shuts down immediately.

Can someone with dev experise verify if reVanced is compatible with /e/. If not what could I do to adapt it to /e/

Revanced official sites: ReVanced · GitHub
Telegram: Contact @ReVancedTeam1

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Hi @Tech-e1

Just out of curiosity: I have never used Vanced, so when I read that NewPipe "

it makes me wonder if Vanced has any features that I would enjoy (please consider that I am really a casual user of such kind of apps)…
Thank you in advance

It is not an /e/ problem. If you are/were familar with Vanced then you know the non-root version requires the standalone Vanced microG. That is mentioned near the bottom of every release posted in the Telegram channel you linked.

Just tried it myself on Havoc ROM. ReVanced crashed immediately. Uninstalled (just because), installed Vanced microG, reinstalled ReVanced, and it runs fine.
So, just install Vanced microG and you’ll be good. Now, as in the past, there’s no conflict with the microG in the ROM. Different package name, only useful with Vanced/ReVanced.

EDIT: Installed on /e/. Same as above so it works fine.

Vanced/ReVanced YouTube is Google’s YouTube modded with additional features as mentioned by @Tech-e1 .

Back in the day I installed it on most ROMs. I always used the root version. When flashed on a ROM with GApps it would replace YouTube (same package name). Of course it worked fine on microG setups also. When YouTube went split apk, flashing was no longer possible. Other installation methods were problematic. Stopped using it after that.

Anyway, for the most part, NewPipe is sufficient. There’s also the NewPipe SponsorBlock fork. With that you pretty much have (most?) of what Vanced offers.
One main reason one might want to use Vanced is the ability to use your Google account. It is YouTube afterall.

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Hi @marcdw,

thank you for your detailed reply

Thanks for the tip.
I was unsure if the /e/ internal microG could do what Vanced MicroG could.

Nevertheless its up-and-running…

I have sone additional generic info, mostly for root users.

On one of my devices, OnePlus 8T running Havoc OS A11 with microG, I migrated Magisk to Magisk Delta (a fork). I had a certain issue with it and while in its Telegram group I was made aware that the dev has a Magisk module for ReVanced. Tried it out and it works fine. Because it is the root version it has the same package name as Google’s YouTube, thus the standalone Vanced microG is not needed.

Then someone mentioned the Vanced Manager v2 offering up a different branch. Updated only a few weeks ago. Known as Vanced Extended. Like the old setup the Manager offers YouTube and YouTube Music. Tested it out and both work fine. Current version of YT Extended closely matches current Google YT (17.28.34 vs 17.29.34) so it’s not old.
Vanced Extended seems to have more options, like the old Vanced, and can also use PowerTube for downloading videos. Mentioned and downloadable within Vanced on first run.
Since I’m rooted I don’t know but I assume that on a non-rooted system, Manager will offer up the non-rooted Vanced Extended + Vanced microG.

In the Vanced Extended Telegram group the dev mentioned that development will stop in lieu of ReVanced (which yet doesn’t have a manager but it’s in the works).

That all said, once again, if one has no need or desire to use their Google account then I see no need for ReVanced or Vanced Extended.
NewPipe, NewPipe X SponsorBlock, LibreTube (using piped), SkyTube, among others, will suffice if one just wants to watch and/or download YouTube videos.

Oops. Forgot the links.

ReVanced Magisk module

GitHub - Vanced Manager Origin

There’s been a recent buzz on Telegram about reviving YouTube Vanced, and developers have created YouTube reVanced, a patcher that modifies the official YouTube app. It adds features like ad removal, dark mode, and picture-in-picture. However, when you attempted to install reVanced on the /e/ operating system, it immediately shut down.

To determine compatibility, it’s best to consult developers or seek assistance from the /e/ community. If reVanced is not compatible with /e/, you might consider exploring alternative options or waiting for updates that address the compatibility issue.

Adapting reVanced to work with /e/ may require technical expertise and collaboration with developers or the open-source community.
Revanced official sites: github Revanced
Telegram: Contact

Back in the day when Vanced could be flashed to system it worked fine with the system’s microG. That was the root version. For everyone else one had to install a standalone microG apk designed to only work with Vanced.

Then YouTube went split apk and the fun was over.
Anyone using ReVanced should do all the research and follow all the instructions provided. Can’t just install it and expect it to work.
I am sure the Telegram group has the requirements posted.

There are Magisk modules for it if rooted.

If no need to login try altrnatives like NewPipe, NewPipe X SponsorBlock, LibreTube, and others.

I use YouTube ReVanced, created with ReVanced Manager and it runs pretty well.

But I like to use LibreTube just as much.

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