Z5 Compact - build issues

As there is no specific page for the Z5 Compact - suzuran, I thought I’d start this page to raise a few, though for moment minor issues with the latest e-0.18 build dated 28 August.

  1. External SD card formatting - I’ve had a message on inserting a Sandisk 16 Gb card that it needed re-formatting (though it is factory-formatted for Windows when you by it) and on accepting the procedure it got stuck at about 40% and then on back-tracking to kill the formatting the card had become unreadable, so I had to take it out and recreate the partition table and format it to FAT32 before it became readable on the Z5 again. But there was still a warning that it needed reformatting. I ignored this and it seems to cause no problems of read/write access with other apps and also recognised by TWRP for a backup I made.

  2. OTG connection with a USB storage - using a Samsung dual connector stick that I had used for previous backups from a Samsung device, the Z5 didn’t recognise it at first. I followed advice I found on the XDA-developers site and tried re-starting it with the stick connected, and it seems to work as a notification appeared on system startup asking if I wanted to mount it. There appears to be no problem with read/write access once this is done. No message about it needing reformatting!

  3. Screen readability problem with the dialler - this appears to be a problem on the Lineage build as well, which is probably the source of the issue as the eOS for suzuran is built on the Lineage version.
    During a call if you need to tap a number (eg. for an extension line) the screen appears to have white numbers on a white background making them unreadable. On the other hand, using the battery-saving dark mode the numbers appear on the black background but the corresponding letters now disappear as they use a black font as well! This can be seen below:

I’m not sure if I should file a bug report for this issue because while confusing at first it doesn’t stop you using the dialler as long as you know where to tap!

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Thanks for sharing your feedback.
as a workaround, try simple dialer from F-droid

0.18 here and using dark mode the dialer displays fine.

Yes, I can see this as well, but the issue occurs when you are already calling and need to use the dialler to give an answer to an automated answering service, for example.

That works for me also. Maybe there is some other setting. I had to renew my car insurance recently so I can assure you the dialer while on a call works for me

Its a long shot, but I changed the font from the default font, maybe that made the difference

Just tried changing the font but problem remains. Just curious. Did you notice the message about needing to format USB storage using OTG connection?

sorry not sure what an OTG connection is, but the only time i might have been asked about that was when i was initially putting /e/ on the phone… which is a while back and I don’t remember.

The font problem is a known issue with the /e/ OS 0.18 builds for several devices. It is fixed in the latest code (I’m testing an Android R / 11 test build at the moment, and it’s fixed there.) I’m sure the fix will make it into the 0.19 builds which should be along in the next couple of weeks (or months :wink: )

@petefoth USB stick recognition problem still exits btw., running r 1.6…

What USB stick recognition problem? Is it a problem that only occurs on this device? Is there an issue raised?

Also, I am no longer maintaining this device, nor am I building unofficial ROMs for it at the moment. The microG variant of the latest unofficial LOS build, now includes F-Droid, F-Droid Privileged Extension, Aurora Store and Aurora Services, so the customised builds I was making don’t add any real value.

USB sticks are recognized only after a reboot of the device with the stick plugged in.
I am very happy to have found that info here, and its a very livable solution anyway :slight_smile:
I just wanted to add some info as a contribution.
I’ve no idea if this issue is raised somewhere as I am clearly not competent enough for the real questions (let alone the answers…)
Is the LOS 4 mixcroG build device name for the XZ5C just Suzu instead of Suzuran, can that be?

Are you referring to the files in this AndroidFileHost directory? The names look normal to me

No, I mean the officall LOS 4 microG page:

That’s a completely different device: Sony Xperia X https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/suzu/. Don’t try installing that on a Z5 Compact - it won’t work :slight_smile:

Since update on 1.8.1-r MHL is broken on my device.
Does it still work for other Z5 Compact users?