Zenfone 8 - battery experience

Hey Guys,

there are many comments about the poor performance of the battery. I don’t understand this because the Z8 has a 4000 mA battery. It’s not impressive but it’s not too small either.

So I’d like to ask you for your battery experience with your Zenfone8.
Are you happy with it? Have you noticed any changes in consumption after switching to /e/OS?



I cannot confirm this with /e and my Zen8. For my use profile, it’s actually great e.g when the phone is idleing, there is very low power consumption happening.

Im adding here a current snapshot of a typical week. About 3h of use, with 46min of phone calls, so usually one full charge last for me about 7days.

Sure, when CPU/GPU power is needed, the battery might last not that long. But, when considering the performance of the phone, this then makes sense, 120hz display, etc. everything is snappy getting a smooth overall experience.

Dunno really where are these comments coming from, maybe the stock ROM as some stuff from the Anus built in, that drains the battery :wink: May someone else knows better, as I’ve never ran the original setup, only for unlocking the bootloader :smiley:

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Sake comes with a fast charger im happy with the batteries life

Zenfone 8 charger is wonderful, when phone is off - 1 hour of charging from 0 - 100% and when it is on but nothing is being done it than it takes like 2 hrs, plus minus 5 minutes.

Thank you very much. I have now bought the Z8 and am also very happy with the battery.

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I know you already bought the phone. But for other people who may be looking into it. On stock Android I easily get two days of light-moderate usage out of it, even with the charging limiter set to 80%. This is without any power saving features, which can extend the life quite a bit.

I’ll be installing /e/ soon, so I’ll see about an update after a few weeks of usage.

You can also debloat your stock rom from bloatware. I did it recently and it turned out that in battery usage section I loose areound 10% less battery on apps called “other”. The remaining apps on the list are the ones that I have installed earlier.

For debloating I used https://github.com/0x192/universal-android-debloater

From what people at YouTube say, the bloatware will come back after factory reset but after OS updates bloatware stayes uninstalled :smile: