Zenfone 8 - boot loader warning at startup

I just installed e/OS/ on a new Zenfone 8. Everything seems to be working well except every time I turn on the phone I get a message that starts “The boot loader is unlocked…” and “PRESS POWER KEY TO CONTINUE”. Two things: First, I spent hours setting up the phone and now learned that if I lock the boot loader I will lose all my settings. I do not want to do that and just want to confirm it is acceptable to leave the boot loader unlocked? Second, is there a way to make it so I do not have to press the power button every time I turn on the phone and the phone just automatically progresses past this warning page?

Helloo @EUser1

First you can’t lock the bootloader only a few devices can. Fairphones for example. And it is allright to leave it open, check in the forum there are some threads about that very extensive ones.

Second about the key press, you sure you really need to press? Mine (Pixel 4a) show similar one but it still boots after couple seconds.

Thank you for the feedback. On the second point - my phone shows the screen for 60 seconds and then turns off. So, yes, I need to press the button of the phone to boot up. Is there a configuration file or other setting that can be modified?

The answer of @mihi is similar to what I would have said … except that I do not have a modern device which shows a troublesome Orange state warning.

As said you might search the forum Search results for 'Re lock bootloader' - /e/OS community to see how your symptoms compare with others.

However, in looking up my first link, I see a change from what I remember ! I expected an Orange state warning to show for 5 seconds then (implied) it would disappear. The wording now reads

Dismiss after 10 seconds.

Maybe this explains your more annoying experience of having to dismiss the warning manually ?

An idea to double check; you do not say which Android version you are using, I see Android 11, R and Android 12, S available, /e/OS ROMs - sake. Are you sure that you installed the /e/OS version at the same Android version that was preexisting in Manufacturer’s OS ?

The Zenhone was Android 12 and I installed Android 12, S, version 1.9. This was my first time installing e/OS/ without the installer so I could of made a first-timer mistake. I did get the below two warning messages – not sure if these are red flags but the phone seems to be working fine.

Edit: The Zenphone automatically upgraded to Android 13 so I had to downgrade it back to 12 before installing e/OS/.