Zenfone 8 - not an option for wide angle camera

I just installed e/OS/ on a new Zenfone 8. Everything seems to be working well except there is not an option for the wide angle camera. I can see in other posts for other phones there should be an icon with a camera and a “+” to access the wide angle camera. I do not see that option. Any ideas how I can access the wide angle camera? Thank you, Patrick

Here is an update. The camera app appears to cycle through 2 rear cameras changing the resolution but the focal length does not change. In fact, the image is always coming from the top camera lens. So there seems to be a bug with the camera app not accessing the bottom wide angle camera. I have tried two other camera apps with the same results. This seems to be a bug. Where should I post this bug? Is it an e/OS/, camera app or Zenphone sake bug?

Hi I’m not happy with the cam of /e/ and use this:

Specific: https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/dev-wichaya/f/dl6/

Im very happy with this it is like stock

Thank you! Yes, this is a good option and the wide angle works.