Zero-touch enrollment, alternative to Google

Hi /e/ team,

I noticed that the main forum page says to post suggestions here, so I’ll try and do that from now on!

I think the enterprise market for Android phones is increasing at the moment and it could be a good opportunity for /e/ to offer leased phones with a custom configuration to some companies who don’t want any Google on their phones.

Google offer something called “zero-touch enrollment” which is basically that when a new phone is first set up it checks Google’s servers with it’s IMEI number to see if it should have a specific configuration(so-called “provisioning”) because it’s owned by a specific company, and if so it applies that configuration. It’s similar to how Android phones now change their radio and features configuration based on country and network operator - there’s now no need for separate software versions, it’s all done by configurations downloaded from the cloud, AFAICT.

Could /e/ offer something similar? I don’t even know if /e/OS includes provisioning based on country or network operator, so that would be needed as a first step. However I’m sure that there is a market for a non-GAFAM (and non-China, i.e. Euro-based) smartphone OS for the enterprise market, maybe even for governments, and if /e/ could offer an equivalent to “zero touch enrollment” then that would make /e/ phones more attractive to these companies.

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