1+ 7T still rebooting 12 hours after installation

Hi, I had little problem with the easy installer and got to the E and bouncing ball. After 12 hours the ball is still bouncing and I cannot turn off the phone. What next? Thanks, Ray1

Welcome to the /e/ forum @Ray1

Hmmm … before going any further … we are talking about a Info about OnePlus 7T - hotdogb where you definitely started with this phone on Android 11=R ?

Hi, thank you, and happy \to be here. I have a Huawei P40 Pro which doesn’t use google, and was trying to replace google on my 1+ 7T. Sorry I don’t know about Android 11. Will need to check. Since I wrote, I was able to shut down and reinstall the OS. It is now again at the rebooting screen. I will wait a while and if it doesn’t boot, will try to reinstall OPs OS and check the Android version.

Thank you.

Normally I would suggest you make sure the battery charge is well over 60% and try to force a hard reset with the physical buttons, in the hope that you can force “First start” of /e/OS.

But I think I should mention this failure with a different Oneplus + Easy Installer, therefore please do not do anything too experimental !

Android 11. Is there an Android 11-R? I reinstalled the OS, arrived at the same rebooting icon, but got no further. I followed the easy instructions, and all the options available (rather tedious), but still no luck.

I wrote Android 11=R as in Android 11 == Android R :smile:

I am sorry it hasn’t worked for you. If you decide to have a go at the “manual” instructions

please revert the phone to Oxygen first (in light of the already linked case) just in case Easy Installer has left the phone in an unstable state.

Perhaps worth double checking that you have a supported model:

Hi, not sure if you would be interested, but I have a OP 7T device available for testing. I flashed /e/ using the manual method (quite a while back actually…), but I can walk you through flashing back the stock ROM and then installing /e/.

As a side note, it looks like 7T will soon get an upgrade to Android S (12), so you might want to wait for that (I think the upgrade will not be possible as OTA so means you will need to upgrade manualy again). No ETA though…:

Model HD1905. It’s back in Oxygen, along with the detestable google.

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Yes, I would be very interested. I will not use this phone until google is gone.
Thank you.

Problem solved. I switched from Kubuntu to Win 11 and updated it. I found optional drivers, downloaded and installed them, and all went well.

This is a very simple OS, but it is not a problem. I don’t need more than a few additional apps.