About info of Rollout and /e/OS Update

Dear /e/users,

Can someone tell how could we get the info of an update for our device here?
I’m new on the community. Don’t know how the process of /e/OS works.
If there is a release for all in one bunch, or it happened only if the attributed dev of the device is ready for it…
How do we get the rollout news about it ? especially for our own device…

Thank in advance for answer.


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Hi @cemoi71,
In general, if you install an official /e/ build, notification of updates to the same Android version as the installed version will arrive over-the-air (OTA), and can be seen by checking for system updates in the settings of your device. Then you can manually download and apply the update, directly from your device.

For upgrading the official OS version, e.g. 10 to 11, it’s currently necessary to re-install, and then set up your apps and data again.

For info about the OTA version upgrades for official builds, and for info about upgrades for devices that can use Easy Installer see this: Week 15 : 2021 : Development and Testing Updates

If you’re running an unofficial /e/ build, you’ll have to manually install the latest updates, and you will learn about them by following the forum posts relevant to your device. Fortunately, you can usually do a “dirty flash” of the latest build and not lose any data or apps. For Android version updates, e.g. from 10 to 11, to the unofficial build, you’ll have to re-install and will likely lose all your settings and data, so you’ll have to set everything up again.


Thank you very much for your very fast answer.
I’ve a galaxy s10+
Found it on the e.foundation list here: Smartphone Selector as “beyond2lte”
Does it really mean that’s an “official” supported device ?

I’ll give a look nearer on the link that you gave.

Many thx

Yes, that list is of officially supported devices.
SM-G975F is the variant of S10+ that is supported.

P.S. Doing a manual re-flash of a device, once you’ve already converted to /e/, means simply downloading the build (a .zip file), saving it to your micro-SD card, rebooting the phone into recovery, e.g. TWRP, executing a quick back-up of your data in case something goes wrong, then executing a reflash, then rebooting into the updated build.

But if the re-flash is upgrading the Android version, as I said, your apps and data will be wiped, unless the situation changes.


thx for confirmation

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