"acceptable" button not working in Murena webmail

I am quite annoyed by the spam handling.
Lots of false positives, and when I go to Murena mail webclient, select acceptable emails in the spam folder, and click con the “acceptable” button, they disappear and then come back to the spam folder. “Acceptable” button not working :man_shrugging:

Still not working properly. No fix for that?

As far as I know, manually moving messages to Inbox will achieve the same.

yes, but the system does not learn that emails are acceptable in order to class future emails from the same origin into the inbox instead the spam folder. Right ?

If Murena Infra team is still using mailserver2 Docker image with Rspamd (and I think they do), a “report ham” script is run when moving/copying a message from the Spam folder, except to Trash: https://github.com/mailserver2/mailserver/blob/fd6357ce9a4df051193df606deb1880e57d399fa/rootfs/etc/dovecot/conf.d/90-sieve.conf#L36.

At the end, the message is flagged and learned as ham: https://github.com/mailserver2/mailserver/blob/v1.1.13/rootfs/etc/dovecot/sieve/rspamd-pipe-ham.sh.

Doing that, Rspamd’s Bayesian statistics database should be updated.

As a side note, moving any message to Spam folder will train as spam.

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Oh great !! Thanks.
One last question : if I move mails from spam to inbox in Thunderbird, Murena learns ?

Hmmm, not working.
On murena webmail interface :

  1. I select a message
  2. I click on to “move to” icon
  3. I select the inbox folder
  4. message gone from spam folder
  5. refresh spam folder
  6. moved message is back in spam :frowning:

Looks like it is working now. I don’t understand.

Moving by drag&drop gives same result: message back in spam folder.

Yes, as it is triggered by the IMAP server (Dovevot).

Once flagged as spam (subject modified, flags added to header, or both), the message is not modified back when moving out of Spam folder. Maybe you have any filter/rule in your client?

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