Accessing /e/ drive


Simple question : is it possible to access the /e/ cloud trough an application (for example, google Drive has an app called “drive”, is there something similar for /e/ drive) ?

And how can we setup what is synchronized with the cloud and what isn’t ?

Thanks in advance !

Sure, it’s build in e. If you have setup your e-account at first boot, contacts, calendar, music and more are automatically synced with your e-drive, but no files or docs are synced in the moment. Therefore you need a app like ‘foldersync’ from aurora

Ok, I will test this app to have the files.

I already use the contacts and calendar and it works as expected (I also use it to synchronize with my Linux computer). The developers did a great job !


Thanks for the feedback @quadcopterman

I think E-Drive is based on Nextcloud. There are file sync apps available for all operating systems. Have a look here

The only app with 2 way file sync i have found for nextcloud is folder-sync.

Have you tried one of them ? Is a 2 wsy FILE sync working ? If yes, pls let us know

The above works for me. Just done it with e-drive also with my self hosted nextcloudpi server

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Not for me. It’s only sync phone to nextcliud / you can browse the cloud files with the app, but no automatic download the the phone when the file was change in cloud or a new was added.
2way sync means, that you have ALLWAYS the same file available on both sites. So you can work with a file offline.
That’s what desktop clients do and what ‘folder-sync’ is doing.

Pls try changing a file or picture on your cloud. You will see, that this change is NOT downloaded the your phone.

And the nextcloud android client only uploading media files out of the box. For docs, pdfs and otherfiles you have to made a special setup. But the client will only upload !!!

Well Harvey186 I don’t want to get into a debate about it. I just suggested to the original poster that this could be an option for him. If it doesn’t spin your wheels that’s fine. I don’t do much editing on my phone.

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That’s ok, i only want to ensure that everyone will know, that the nextcloud android client is NOT a sync client. It’s an uploader and a cloud browser.


There is an auto upload option in the slide out menu of the Nextcloud Android app available on F-Droid. You choose which folders you require to be sent to the server I have used it myself.

yes, UPLOAD, but not SYC !!!

Is it right, that the foldersync pro has no tracker in it but the free Version has?
I know that the pro has no publicity in it AS well.

I don’t know about pro version. But free version has tracker. The dev earns money with your tracked data. So it could be that he has removed them from paid pro version,

May I ask which version you are using?

I don’t use FolderSync. And you don’t needed it. When you setup your own cloud via /e/ account all files inside ‘Documents’ folder are synced automatically

I do host my own next cloud on my nas. So maybe I do need foldersync.

If it is nextcloud it should work. Otherwise, do you really need a 2way sync ?
Have you tried the normal nextcloud client from f-droid ?

No it is not working with my nextcloud yet. And yes I would like to have a two way sync. This make otherwise not much sense

Ok, than I think you should talk to your provider, why the official nextcloud client isn’t working.