Accidently visited facebook


Though im still looking for ways to increase my online privacy , i did something very stupid yesterday.
I accidently visited facebook.
Can they track me now? I dont have facebook, instagram or whatsapp or any other apps from facebook or even trackers.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

They can track you if you used a browser without random fingerprint, or if your fingerprint is unique.

I use Brave browser because it sends a random fingerprint every time, but some say Brave is evil, so do your research and decide yourself.

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Some tools you can use to greatly decrease the possibility of being tracked by surveillance capitalism companies:

.Use browser extensions like NoScript and uBlock Origin.
.Run mobile apps like Blokada or TrackerControl.
.Use multiple, privacy-respecting browsers.
.Use a privacy-respecting search engine in your browser(s).
.Use a trusted, paid VPN provider (not a “free” one).
.Stick to Free and Open Source apps, if you can.

With NoScript, no script will run on a page unless you allow it, either permanently or temporarily. You can blacklist any that you want to ban forever, e.g. the numerous facebook, google, doubleclick, gstatic scripts.

With /e/, the Blokada app may not work unless you change Private DNS to your network DNS; at least that’s what I’ve experienced. Just choose one or two of the default Blokada blacklists, and that will block many trackers and ads. You can manually blacklist others as they pop up.

The TrackerControl app works in a similar way, seemingly without needing to change /e/'s default DNS setting.

Using a VPN service will change the IP address that websites see, and protect your internet traffic - especially important on public WiFi. You’ll have to turn off Blokada or TrackerControl during VPN use, though, because they can’t work at the same time as a VPN. (Although Blokada has an optional VPN service that can be integrated with Blokada tracker blocking, I believe.)

These measures will go a long way toward preventing tracking by Big Tech, but as @andrelam pointed out, “you” (your device, browser, OS, parameters, protection protocols, mobile IP address, WiFi addresses, etc.) could still be associated to a single advertising ID, location, and so on. Still, that’s no reason to make things easy for them.

Your phone may still communicate with its OEM servers, too, which may be in a foreign country. Blokada will reveal those connections.

You might also look into NextDNS (


Use a face mask next time ! :wink:

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Blokada Plus is paid but does offer private DNS, VPN and tracker blocking all at the same time. I personally use NextDNS(DNS & tracker blocking) and ProtonVPN (Paid option) to reduce tracking in the same areas.

Edit: Good info here by @andrelam, @marcdw
and others if looking👇there are many options listed👍

Edit: This should be considered too. It will educate to help guard against tracking👇

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To answer the question directly, if you just opened or even logged in to facebook from your /e/ phone and then closed the browser you should be fine and nothing other than your current access to facebook would have been logged and no 3rd party data leaked. I don’t know the default /e/ browser but most likely it did not keep cookies or other persistent traces. You should clear the data and cache of the browser to be sure.


I found a way to forecome this issue.
Edit the host file and add/block all facebook adresses/servers
But how do i do this the quickest way?
I know where it is located but it wont let me save it because i dont have root access i guess?

Edit: i found a way.
But does this also count on inbound Traffic?
Can facebook then still reach me?

The packet can reach you but if there’s no software looking for it and you blocked outbound then there’s no connection.

I haven’t looked but there is probably some firewall apps available? Generally if you trust your OS and apps you put on you are in a better position. the greater danger is apps phoning home than from outside attacks.

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