ACER Liquid X2 S59 (Triple-SIM, 3xSIM)

I have ACER Liquid X2 S59 (Triple-SIM, 3xSIM), which is still in 2021 the most powerful Triple SIM smartphone in the market. It was widely distributed only in SE Asia but it has obsolete Android 5 Lollipop.

So I want to build OS based on newer Android. And there is big community of users in Philippines that would appreciate some update.
I’m engineer with various programming skills but never worked with mobile OS.
Is there any starting-kit for developer newbies?
I need to decide what version of /e/OS and core version of Android to choose.

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Mediatek SOC = no way

What do you exactly mean? That phones with Mediatek chipset are not supported at all?

Is there another way? E.g. to use non-/e/ Android OS and modify it?
Or find another phone with same chipset and use its firmare (or Firmware source code)?

What about to try firmware of Acer Liquid Z6 Plus?

Mediatek never released essential components (device drivers, for example) as open source, so custom roms building is impossible for these SoCs.

I stopped buying them (and recommending their purchase) years ago…

Well, I discovered that GSI builds will work on any (Treble-enabled) SOCs…

What is the chance that FW of different phone will work ich chipset is the same?

Almost none.

You can try only between CLONES/REBRANDED devices, but the risk of (sometimes irreversible) brick is high.

I guess the starter might be to build /e/ for a supported device, then build /e/ for a device that has say unofficial support from Lineage OS. Then you could be in a poition to build for a totally unsupported device. :slight_smile:

Or go down the more experimental route and look at a treble enabled phone and a gsi build. (You will know already, treble enabled phones loosely started with phones delivered with Oreo) Getting Started on /e/OS.