Adaptive brightness acts weirdly sometimes


I am using a preinstalled eOS on a Fairphone 3.
Since at least two updates ago the adaptive brightness feature is acting strange (maybe the problem has already been the from the very beginning and I just didn’t notice it before).
Sometimes when I am in a closed room without changing lighting conditions, the brightness of my phone is automatically changing every 6 seconds or so. Sometimes it dims to complete minimum, becoming too dark to use. After I adjust the brightness to my liking, it becomes even brighter some seconds later, becoming too bright (and draining my battery). Like it was at 25%, dimmed down to 0%, I set it to 25% again, suddenly it chances to 50%.
I’ve also experienced this at night in complete darkness while watching videos.

I need to further experiment to see when this is happening.
Maybe for different brightness levels it remembers my preferences and a slight chance in lighting results in a previously set state?

Does anybody else experience such behavior?


Yes i noticed it too. I mostly have it in dark conditions, and then it suddenly become way to bright.

Thank you for bringing this up. From time to time I experience this behaviour to.

Yes this happens for me as well, instantly changes the brightness for no reason. Seems to be happening a bit less than when I bought the phone a few weeks ago.

Let’s make an issue on gitlab :smiley:

Thanks for the replies. “Good” to know that there might be more to this issue and I am not just mishandling the system :smiley:

I’ve tried creating an issue on gitlab since I couldn’t find something similar:
I can add more/update info there when needed and I have time. Feel free to contribute.

I noticed this too and it seems to happen (for me at least) when the phone is pointed directly at the light bulb.

It seems like tiny movements of the phone have it facing the light source, then the next second it points elsewhere and the brightness goes crazy.

I’m not sure this is it but it looks like it.

I never encountered the issue in total darkness though. maybe the same can apply with the brightness of the screen being reflected on the user’s face and the camera being very sensitive?

Can confirm that my /e/ store FP3 also acts in undesired ways, particularly in dark environments.

+1 here on a FP3 with /e/ preinstalled.

Workaround (turning off the adaptive brightness feature) doesn’t help at all.

Any news on a fix?

I have the same issue with my fairphone 3+

For me it is an issue which comes imported from lineageOS. Same Problem with my OnPlus 6 with LOS 16.1 . So nothing special for FP3+ with /e/

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