Add a beautiful launcher? Blloc anyone?

(Not really a question, but more of a feature request, sorry :wink:
I’m currently switching from Windows phone to either Android and Sailfish OS.

I’ve owned a couple of OS in the past (Newton OS, iOS, WebOS, WindowsMobile 10, BBS shortly).
I’m looking forward to /e/ because of the privacy side, but most of all you can’t put aside the UI and aesthetic. And i can’t say that the system look beautiful right know.

I like my phone and Phone OS to be beautiful.
I liked the NewtonOS, Web Os because there were also beautiful).


WebOS (the hardware didn’t pay justice to the OS)

Windows Mobile 10 (great system but not enough apps for everyone)

I liked WindowsMobile because it was offering something really unique from the rest of the Mobile OS UI.
No app drawer! Just your picture and some icons that were showing informations.
I like the Sailfish OS because of this beautiful UI and gesture
(Unfortunately there are some functionality that are missing badly, they need more engineer, more funds).

Sailfish 3.0 (but there is an app drawer)

My question is :

If we want /e/ to succeed it should differentiate from the rest of the crowd.
Why not include a beautiful dark mode like Blloc wants to do, and a minimalist app layout?


I know that there is a lot of work to simply make the system work on a basic level.
I’m looking forward to what M. DUVAL and his team will provide us.

Thanks for reading.


So no one is interested to have a beautiful UI better than Android ?

The good thing about Android is you can install any launcher you like.
If you don’t care about software freedom there are even launchers that emulate the looks and behavior of any other OS.

PS: I don’t like bliss launcher either, but neither do I think any of the ones you posted screenshots of look beautiful. Tastes are very different.

@nerip thanks for the suggestions. Certainly agree with you on the value of having a good design. Personally I was a big fan of the Windows 10 phones - have a lumia 535. It was unfortunately that Microsoft dropped supporting the OS. As you are aware the /e/ development team is currently tied up with development of features like an app repository and resolving bugs and this issue may not be a high priority item right now . There are a few similar suggestions on updating the Bliss launcher in Gitlab which would be taken up subsequently.


Yes the Launcher is not of high priority right now; i know, but i suggest that to “sell” the /e/ OS a beautiful Ui is something to consider to reach more people and to differenciate form LineageOS for instance…
BLLOC is not concerned by privacy, but they manage to draw attention with their minimalistic take on the UI. and people are more and more concerned about being focused.

I agree about specifying what is a beautiful UI. But what i meant is more make a different UI from Android stock.
I’ve used a lot of mobile OS and Android is not very friendly (just the settings menus is a nightmare) ; yes you can change the launcher but behind it’s still the same mess.

I’m now using Sailfish 3.0 until /e/ is ready to be tested as a stable release.
I was wondering about Fairphone Open OS, but could not find any video showing how it works.

Bliss launcher is very different from stock Android. It’s basically the same as the iOS launcher. You can’t customize which apps you want on the home screen or put widgets on the home screen.

That’s probably because it’s so easy to install that nobody thought about making a video yet.

maybe, but since i don’t own a fairphone, i would have been glad to see what it is all about before considering to take the plunge…

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We did a tutorial which explains how to install the Fairphone Open OS, but that’s in french :
But /e/ a much better that openOS (than Fairphone Open OS), it already has microG, it’s more stable, it uses less battery etc… (before /e/ I was using the Open OS)


pas de problème pour le Français

Generally I agree with @nerip. Nowadays I’m sure that any technology/product needs good UX and UI to be successful.
It also should be outstanding in crowd. /e/ isn’t just mobile OS. It’s about whole ecosystem (services e.g. email, drive etc). Thus all those should be consistent and easy to use. If /e/ want to be popular OS not just for geeks they should pay attention to good design too.
When I looked what had been done so far it looks very promising. But when it comes to UX/UI there is huge job to do. Anyway I’m sure /e/ is aware of it.

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Can you make a windows launcher?

I have also windows phone lumia 800
,lumia 640,lumia 650 and now I have Lumia 535.

That whore great phones.
If day bring that back that would by great

But e./ foundation… can you make a windows phone launcher white live titles?and ol things so windows phone was?

That would by greed

Greeting JdV

If a installed launcher 10 form you’re e./ store
Have I also than trackers?
Or not.
Launcher 10 is my favourite!

Greeting JdV

Some of the apps in the /e/ store will have trackers. We do not vet the list to allow only Tracker-free apps in it. This is because the applications that show up in it are requested by users. We advise user discretion while installing any third party application from any store. In the /e/ App Store you can check the list of trackers associated with each application and based on that decide if you want to install it.

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In addition to @Manoj 's direction you can utilize the Exodus app to gather the info you request.

Inside the /e/ appstore there is already an Exodus privacy and tracker analysis included although I am not sure if this is a feature of /e/ or from Google ;- )

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