Any ideas for Bliss improvements?

user research must tell apple that “icon recognizeability” takes precedent over “readable caption”, as I wonder why there’s no shadow behind the white-font caption. It makes the use of bright/noisy backgrounds hard. ctrl+f with keywords didn’t find other people to mention this aspect, maybe it’s not that important.

I publicly promise to come back from KISS to BLISS - if you Delete weather widget in Bliss :crossed_fingers:


I wish to See Numbers at the APP Icons, showing unseen or unread messages.
Only my few cent…:wink:
I love Bliss Launcher becauce simple to use.
Best regards

hello, i would especially like that bliss consumes less ram memory.
there it has 563mb of memory usage (which is already huge), but a few days ago, it was more than 2gb of ram

Pl can you raise a bug for this in the Gitlab If possible add logs to the bug report.

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Coming fresh from LineageOS (Launcher3?, I am not shure if this is the whole equivalent) I have to admit that BLISS is “hard” to take regarding of (all) the points mentioned above.

The good thing: During writing I learned more of the functionality e.g. the search field which is working for apps and internet. I didn’t expected this behavior. Also packing apps into drawers helps to minimize the number of screens. BLISS isn’t that bad I thought at a first glance ;- ) but this easy? configuration options would be really helpfull:

  • enable/disable weather app
  • make the four app recommendations selectable
  • posibility to decide where to put the home screen when I press the home key on my phone
  • nice to have: the top search field could/should also search Android configuration settings, but not shure about that one

Addendum: Available in F-Droid / appstore
Launcher 10


I would like to have an app drawer.

I recently purchased a GS290 with /e/ preinstalled from eSolutions.
Previously I had a Huawei P20 Lite. And I was using the app drawer which I found very useful.
You can see it here:

If Bliss’s evolutions lead to providing it with an app drawer, that would be great.

Thanks for reading me.


What is the purpose of an app drawer? How do you use it?

Something like that :

the applications are presented in four columns, always sorted sorted in alphabetical order.

There are the letters of the alphabet vertically on the right which allows you to scroll quickly.

Main difference is horizontal vs vertical sliding. Regarding the alphabetical order…when I know the name of a specific app I want to use I start typing in the top search field, if that is an app I use frequently I move it to the first screen (or bottom row)

But surely these are personal habits/choices/preferences and there are million different in this world ;- )

Hi @Doppel-D, preferences and habits are quite individual, I agree. So, I guess it will berather impossible to satisfy each and every user, but an easy solution is always just to install a different launcher app. There several good and open source ones out there.
But if you search for an app by typing its first letters - you could easily do that in the search bar of the widget page in Bliss - so no swipe-up to open the app drawer as before, but a swipe-right in Bliss and you can easily search for all apps installed on your phone.

Thank you for your quick reply! That’s practically what I wrote to @domiq44 ;- )

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I think the main difference is that without typing anything, since the apps are sorted and displayed without any spaces between them, you can easily find the one you are looking for, even if you have hundreds of them, just by swiping around with one finger !

May be adding a sort option ?

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I’m using the Bliss Launcher now for half a year and I very much like it. While I was always OK with an app drawer, I know of many users who simple don’t get the difference between the home screen and the app drawer. So great that Bliss got rid of this and got inspired by iOS - simple and straight forward design, please keep up this minimalist approach :+1:

But there is always room for improvement, so here are my proposals:

  1. Add gesture navigation, but this has been already discussed here, so I’ll just leave it like this.

  2. I cannot move apps in a folder from one folder screen to the other, but I was expecting this.

  3. I love the pull-down search very much, but most of the time I open the browser instead of the app since the app icon jumps as the search takes some time to complete. So when I search for “mail” then the app search completes before the text search. I want to click the Mail icon but just as I click, the text search completes and the app icon jumps down. So instead I press “mail online” and the browser opens. This is quite annoying and should be fixed.

Bliss is exactly what I want to see in /e/: a launcher which can be used by my mum - my personal gold standard for usability :wink:
A big thank you to the /e/ devs and wonderful to see the ecosystem growing.



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Totally agree, very easy to fix. I use my own version of bliss with that fixed.


This! +1000000

Every version of Android I’ve ever used has let me do this, so the fact I no longer can is the thing I least like about /e/


Yup. Make apps sort alphabetically when I install them instead of having to screw around moving apps.

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Sometimes wording is important. Bliss is a launcher, nothing more. It is not an OS and it is not Android.
All of those other versions of Android did not allow you to do those things, the launchers did. Whatever those launchers were, more than likely you can install them and any others on /e/.

Not a defense of Bliss. Never liked it, never use it.