Add Startpage as search engine


Since Startpage has been relisted by

Is it possible to add it to the list of search engines ? or just to add a zone to customize search engine (like in Brave) ?


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I also think it would be good if the foundation.e.browser could be easily extended by search engines.

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Additionally, I use the Privacy Browser by Soren Stoutne from the F-Droid Store. Here Startpage is integrated as standard.

I maybe have found a way …

NB 1 : I cleared everything from Browser except bookmarks
NB 2 : I can’t figure the logic behind search engine dynamic list, so there’s for sure a better way …

First, perform 10 searches (I searched for “eelo”, then 1 to 10) using this URL :

Then, opened StartPage home within a new tab :

Finaly, from the result page, open 3-dots menu, then Settings :

And I’m getting offered the StartPage search engine :

After closing/killing the Browser and relaunching, StartPage is now the default search engine :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this doesn’t change the Home search :

So, as an alternative, you can still use eSpot with some preferences adjusted :

(General page, Autocomplete)

And :

(Engines page)


Quite impressive technique to add startpage :slight_smile:
Thanks !

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@smu44, this is first class!

After a few taps it looks like this with me now:


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Danke :slight_smile:

I’m kind of glad I found this by accident !

Once StartPage set as default search engine, you can also add it to Home using “Browser search” widget :wink: