Adding new apps at

+1 for music player, as a musician it would be a great way to use the service to share recordings with a few people without posting publicly.


Serait il possible d’avoir Collabora à la place de onlyoffice…
Je trouve ça dommage d’avoir un telephone sans google un ordinateur sous linux et d’utiliser onlyoffice avec des fichiers en ooxml de microsoft.
De plus onlyoffice n’edite pas le format de fichier odt

Sinon merci pour cet android sans google et le cloud avec nextcloud

Merci d’avance


I tried using onlyoffice on ecloud with 5 people at the same time but wasnt possible, the doc we wanted to work on showed for some of us it wasn t reachable or we werent allowed access, also once going out of the tab in browser and looking for something, after coming back one had to reload the page to access the document, that is quite inconvenient…
What do you think?


i think sms is outdated except for 2fa :smiley:

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It’s outdated even for 2FA :yum: (Due to the SIM swap scam.)

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Hi all, perhaps a way to look at the store and push an app to the phone. This will also be a workaround to incomplete installation, as I encountered on my mako, it boots but no app at all.

+1 for Deck. I’d also love to see Carnet as an alternative to Google Keep.

Personally I’m quite keen on OCSMS and would like to see RCS support if Google release the adequate API soon.

This could be a cool Nextcloud feature to add for password management I suppose: KeeWeb integration.

I have never tried it myself.

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+1 for Deck here as well.

I think it’s going to be quite something in the near future.

I was kind of assuming Bookmarks would be there from the start… Please consider adding Bookmarks.

I think one of the most sought products is private communication/video conference. I suggest checking if it is possible to support Nextcloud talk (including android app in /e/)

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What’s better with Nextcloud Talk compared to Jitsi ?

Talk is different than Jitsi in a way that it can share files, make audio and video chats…It’s like Signal, for instance.

There are two problems in my opinion with Talk:

  1. You can only share files within your cloud - you cannot send files from your local storage without uploading to the cloud;
  2. The group video call is very limited; above 4 participants and the communication kind of freezes (I tested it in the company I work).

Jitsi is for video chat, only. It supports up to 75 participants (hard limit) and I’m using it in the company I work for video classes with up to 40 participants - works well.

The full solution would be Matrix / Riot / Jitsi (I use it for private communications with family and friends).

I now am trying to modify the Riot App in order to customize it the same way I did with my Jitsi Instance.

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just to add another suggestion to this thread, I would love to see Libre Office Online, e.g. via Collabora. Works surprisingly well + libre!


To add to this, I’ve been piloting Libre Office Online here:

a free pilot is available + subscriptions afterward (if you want) are not expensive.
Would really be great if /e/ offered this too!

@manoj any news on which apps are on the /e/ nextcloud Road map? I would love to see Libre office en the maps app, which looks v promising with a mobile app also planned

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Will check on this and get back. There should definitely be some new features after all this ‘wait’…

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Hi! Joining the party a bit late, but I see there’s no updates yet so here’s my wishlist:

  • Nextcloud news
  • Nextcloud bookmarks
  • Phonetrack
  • Metadata (I think nobody named this one but I think it would be really useful!)
  • Keeweb integration

Thanks a lot