Additional Calendar not synced


I am new to the whole Nextcloud and Android apps.

I added a new agenda/kalender to my account.
However this agenda/kalender is not synchronized to my android phone!? When I open the calendar app on my phone I only see the calender ‘Personal’ which I can activate or not, but not the newly created calendar.

I am syncing my Outlook calendar via CalDavSynchronizer to my ecloud global calendar ( I see the correct Calendar items, via my laptop’s browser, in the ‘personal’ Calendar group (my private Calendar) and in the ‘business’ Calendar group (my business Calendar). So the CalDavSynchronizer does it’s work.
However if I than open the Calendar app on my Android phone, build 1.0.18, I only see the ‘personal’ Calendar group.
If I tick on the three stripes in the top left corner and select ‘Calendar’s’, I only see the ‘Personal’ Calendar.
If I than tick on ‘Calendar’s to synchronize with’ at the bottom it again shows only the ‘Personal’ Calendar.
So it looks as if the Android phone makes connection to my account, but does not see the additional Calendar’s!?

Did I do something wrong?

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Go to device settings / accounts / '/e/
and push the account. Than the DAVx5 window appears where you can refresh and select the calendar you want to sync


Hi Harvey,
Unfortunately I do not get the DAVx5 window you display in your picture.
I get:

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You are in wrong setup. Use the first one

I went to ‘Settings’ in de Samsung S7. Then ‘Accounts’. Then

Clicked on ‘/e/’

That’s all there is!??

Mhm, it’s nougat, right?

Nougat!??? :roll_eyes:

Sorry…I am really, really, really new to Android.
Very iPhone minded :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Android 7 = Nougat …

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With iOS, there is no difference between a feature update and security update. You install the last update and that’s it.

With Android, Google publishes each year a new version (like Apple). The more recents are Nougat (7), Oreo (8), Pie (9), Android 10. Those are feature updates.
Each month, Google publishes security updates for supported versions : Oreo, Pie and Android 10.

It means that even if you aren’t on the last version of Android, you can have the last security updates.

Okay, and this means that…???

Let me know which device, so I can check the version

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Ok, nougat. I prefer using this pie [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial Pie Build for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (hero2lte) -- new version June24

Okay, I am going on holiday now, but will come back to you on how to install this.
As I am a newby on Android, I am not sure whether I will succeed in doing this.

I actually thought that the Samsung would have been delivered with the latest build of Android.

To be continued.

Thanks sofar.

Kind regards,

wish you nice holidays with a lot of sun and fun :slight_smile:

Yes, I also don’t understand why will sell there phones with ‘old’ Android version. A lot of people asking for a pie version. That’s why I have build this unofficial build.

Problem solved!

After installing the /e/OS build 0.9-2020062860623 I did have the ‘Account Settings’ option.
When I used the synchronize button at the bottom right corner (in the tab calDav), I did not see the missing calender. However when I swiped the screen down, the calender appeared.
Calender items from my business calender are now synchronized.
So in the end all is well.

Kind regards,