[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Unofficial Pie Build for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (hero2lte) -- new version June24

Download rom

roomservice.xml and some build information are also in that folder.

build seems working. Quick&dirty test was done by @archje.

Have fun
EDIT June24th: New version available


In a :de: German - :austria: Austrian cooperation, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - “hero2lte” was successfully migrated to /e/ OS e-0.9-pie. Included are the security patches 5 May 2020.

Based on this, with a test phase involving as many interested /e/ users as possible, it should now be possible to generate an official /e/ OS ROM 9-pie-herolte from it.

salutehutziehen Brava! Bravo! Bravi! @harvey186,

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Thanks a lot for the work. Is it possible for me as standard user to install it without spending hours in learning to use the shell? Is there a more detailed guide on the first two steps from the readme (repo sync & the SM-G93XX.sh script)?
I managed to install the official Version of /e/ so i can do something, but I really dont know where to start here. I spent 3h trying to install repo but it didnt work so far and I have no idea what it does… ;-(

use this way [HOWTO] build eOS in old fashioned way with breakfast -- now with interactive script

the needed roomservice-xml (manifest.xml) you can find here Place for manifest.xml samples

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That is fantastic ! I would be super, super interested in a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (zeroltexx) Pie build. Of course, I would gladly test it thoroughly and give detailed feedback.

Finally, I really would like to learn to build like you do, so could you please point me to learning material so I can contribute to /e/ someday ?

Danke sehr :smile:

From crDroidAndroid there are ROMs based on LineageOS 15.1 and 16.0. Here is the CrDroid Android Pie local manifest.

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