Address book issue: send and call unwanted contacts


I’m using /e/OS 0.13-2020121089402 version on a samsung GT-I9195.
When I send SMS or call someone, it’s often contact another contact of my address book.
How can I investigate about this issue?

One more information: I’m using Webdav protocol to synchronize my contacts.

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Is there anybody who could try to reproduce or give me some help about this issue?

You could try raising an issue in the /e/ gitlab. Details of how to raise an issue can be found here

It seems like you are running a very old build - the latest /e/ version is 0.20, and yours is 0.13 which is mre than one year old. If you can find a more recent /e/ build for your device I would install that first.

If you can’t find a more recent version, then I think you will be out of luck and I would check out other custom ROMs for your device. The /e/ developers wont want to investigate problems that are probably fixed in more recent code, and I think most users of this forum will be running more recent versions.

Sorry I can’t be more positive :frowning:

Thanks for your answer.
According to this page Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (International LTE) - “serranoltexx”, I have to use this /e/ version: /e/ image ROM download .
So, there is no other build for this device. :frowning:
I will raise this issue on gitlab.

Are you aware of this Unofficial build? [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] e-0.18-r (Red_velvet_cake/android_11_based) for Galaxy s4mini LTE (serranoltexx) GT-I9195

I notice that the dialer is mentioned as an issue for the Unofficial build, as a troubleshooting method you might see is Simple Dialer from makes a difference to the Contacts issue.

Thank’s for your answers and proposals to investigate.

I’ve tested the Simple Dialer for few days and I have the same problem. You can notice that the problem only affected SMS message, and not phone calls.

For the unofficial build, is there a way to migrate instead of reinstall the entire system?


If you are changing from Nougat to R, then, yes you will have format the data partition, so, you really treat it as a new install.

To check out why this device is so behind, I discovered that there have been failed build issues, see Status · Boards · e · GitLab

This, made me think, could an intermittent contacts issue possibly be connected with other running apps? If you were only to use the phone with zero apps running in the background, does the issue still happen?

Edit: I think you were correct in the OP … in what way could this be connected with your address book?

idk, how could you save your contacts in a different place/format?
When you use those links; might they work?

Is the Contacts “book” you are using corrupt in some way? Can you start again?

This is your initial question, perhaps?