[HOWTO] Report /e/ issues

What to do when you encounter an issue?

1. Connect to our GitLab server:

If you have an account, login

If not, create one

2. Go to our issue board:

/e/ issues are listed here: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/issues/

Before doing anything, please check if someone already created an issue about the problem you have encountered.

“My problem is already described.” You can add some missing information to help developers: how you got the issue, steps to reproduce.

“Nobody has reported my issue.” In this case, create a new one!

Click the green button labeled New issue, or follow this link.

3. Create a new issue

Please copy/paste the following template, and fill it by adding the title and fill in each part with related information.

(Issue title)

(Summarize the bug encountered, briefly and precisely)

Steps to reproduce
(How one can reproduce the issue - this is very important)

What is the current behavior?
(What actually happens)

What is the expected correct behavior?
(What you should see instead)

Relevant logs and/or screenshots
(Paste any relevant logs - please use code blocks (```) to format console output,
logs, and code as it’s very hard to read otherwise.)
(You can use adb logcat command to capture log of you device, when connected to a computer - see this guide)

Possible fixes
(If you can, link to the line of code that might be the cause for this problem)

Once you have finished, you can create your issue by clicking Submit issue.

Source : https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/project/description_templates.html#setting-a-default-template-for-issues-and-merge-requests

4. Syntax

Markdown (GitLab)
Markdown Guide (GitLab)

“Report an issue” is licensed under CC BY by e Foundation 2018.


hi, so on this page i have a button called “select project to report issue”, but the list under this button is quite limited. What is the right project to post issues under? @Manoj Most issues appear to be listed under “management”, but i do not have that project in my Project List.

i see i can post them here: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues

Hi @Rik you are right this is confusing - having to choose from so many different projects. We are going to change this and there will be a single project under which all users can raise issues. From the team we will check the issues raised and assign them to the developers and label them.

For now this is the right place to raise new issues.

OK, i and some other have been posting issues here: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/apps/ncsms-android/issues , i think it’s because it was the only category in the list of projects that seemed relevant (i only just found out this is actually about the SMS app). Is it possible for you to move these issues to the management issues list? I do not have the option to move them (but perhaps you as the admin do?)

@rhunault has the required access on all issues in Gitlab and he would be moving them around all under one project. That will make it easier for users to raise them in the first place.

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great, i agree that will be much easier

New location: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/issues/