Adjust brightness by sliding across the status bar not working

I’ve gone to settings > system > status bar and turned on “Adjust brightness by sliding across the status bar” but it doesn’t seem to be working: sliding left and right along the status bar doesn’t do anything and sliding down gives the usual pulldown menu. I’m using a fairphone 3, I’m not sure which number in settings corresponds to the version of / e / that I’m using

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Ok I found the solution, it only works if you have adaptive brightness turned off. I’m going to put in a feature request to change this because the reason I’m looking into this in the first place is that I want to use adaptive brightness but it is usually too dark, so until it learns my preferences I want a quick way to change brightness. Having to swipe down TWICE and then having to swipe up TWICE just to change brightness seems very cumbersome.

If you swipe down with two fingers you’ll get there faster. Not an ideal solution, but a quick fix.