Admin request: I'm not a new user and want to post links

I’d like to write an ‘Average Jo’ level commentary to installing /e/ and suggest updates or changes to the installation instructions but my post is blocked as I am told ‘New users may only post two links’ (I’m linking to the files that I reference so that my post is useful to other Noobs). I’ve been on here and using /e/ for 4 years or so and this is my second install.

The post: OnePlus - 7T Pro - hotdog - Documentation Suggestions

Any chance that an Admin could allow me to post with multiple links?


Hi, I have raised your trust level you should be able to post links now.

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Thanks, @Manoj

I’ll try to not get too negative from frustration as I try to install /e/!

It took hours yesterday and I’m now stuck. ;-(

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