Advanced Wipe doesn't work Galaxy S7 edge


I’m following this tuto to install /e/ on my S7 Edge.

I can’t get through the “advanced wipe” stage in TWRP. When I slide the cursor from left to right, I have a “Failed” page with full red line, the first of which is

“Could not mount /data and unable to find cryptofooter”
Failed to mount ‘/data’ (invalid argument)

and several others of the same style.

Schould I mount the different parts in TWRP before making the wipe ?

Hello @Remi, the above installation instructions don’t take into account the technical peculiarities of Samsung devices with encrypted partition /data - as they are present in Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (Exynos) - “hero2lte” (SM-G935F) with StockROM Oreo 8.0.0. Therefore the /data partition cannot be mounted at this stage of the installation process.

thanks for the answer.
Will that suppose that I can’t install /e/ on my S7 edge at this time ?

No, quite the opposite. The installation procedure of /e/ OS only requires additional steps to overcome this hurdle. Your desktop computer is a Wind°ws device, right?

Yes my computer is a windows10 device.

Disabling Samsung’s forced encryption on Galaxy S7/S7 Edge is done in TWRP by [ Wipe ] > [ Format Data ]. This will delete and decrypt the automatically encrypted file system. All other data is also lost in the process.

A step-by-step guide for Wind°ws Odin3 and TWRP I didn’t find here in the forum. So you would have to write one first, which isn’t possible in a hurry, because it has to be formulated precisely, so that the risk of making mistakes is kept as low as possible.

Okay, what do you suggest? I’m waiting for someone to write the steps? Or I can write the guide if someone (you maybe :wink:) helps me step-by-step. Otherwise I stay on the Samsung stock Rom…

I’ve been wondering for a while now why /e/ doesn’t provide an updated version of “How to install /e/ on your smartphone?”

In the meantime I’ve created a tutorial on my PC… It works because I tried it “live” again today - step by step. But today I will not put it into the WWW anymore. It will take at least another 24 hours. Be patient - this is a good recipe to use /e/.

Indeed. Even more they sell S7 with /e/ already installed on their website. So I don’t understand why no one has put the corresponding guide online.
I will waiting now.
Thank you very much for help.

Hello @Remi, my bilingual step-by-step guide with pictures and screenshots takes me more time than I thought. Please read my short PM.

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That’s great, @Remi. I’m happy with you. Welcome to /e/ club.

Hey was wandering if you wouldn’t mind giving me a step by step tutorial as I’m stuck here as well

Your Sony Xperia XA2 - “pioneer” needs ADB & fastboot to flash TWRP. Samsung devices don’t support fastboot commands, so a different approach is necessary than with Samsung devices.

I’m actually on my one plus one. Its working fine. I successfully installed ./e/ on my friends XA2 and was looking to install it for another friend on his Samsung galaxy S7 edge. I’m trying to spread the word about /e/ here in the US where we can’t get phones with /e/ preinstalled on them yet.

Please also note that all interested parties should pay close attention to the model name if the Samsung devices are to be purchased and flashed elsewhere:

As I just saw, a new OTA e-0.7-n-2020020940606-dev-hero2lte is just available.

Hi, @Remi sorry for my late answer.

Indeed this error can happen when a Samsung phone is encrypted because TWRP don’t know how to decrypt some Samsung phone.

The solution is to go in Advanced Wipe, select the data partition, change system file format from ext4 to anything else (ext3 for instance) and do the same thing to get back to ext4.

Now the data partition will be available.

Hello @Anonyme,

thanks for the answer. I successfully installed /e/ 2 days ago. With @archje step by step guide. It works well !

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I was hoping I could get that step by step guide that Remi used to install on Samsung s7

We now have an excellent présentation of the installation process in french :