Aegis unable to write encrypted

Whenever I try to set up an encrypted vault with Aegis, it crashes. If I set up an unprotected vault, and try to export it to an encrypted backup, the resulting .JSON is zero length.

I don’t know if it’s relevant (seems like it might be), but Authy on the same device doesn’t perform any backups (switch is on). However it syncs with backups done by a desktop set up in the same account.

Any ideas on what’s wrong here? This is on a FP4.

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temprorary workaround until it’s fixed in an update

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Yippee. That worked, thanks @noodlejetski and @tcecyk. One little wrinkle for me, though. I had two devices attached:

D:\Downloads>adb devices
List of devices attached
xxxxxxxx device
emulator-5554 device

…so I needed to address my device explicitly by inserting -s xxxxxxxx after each “adb”:

adb -s xxxxxxxx root



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