After downloading latest update and installing it crashed, now in reboot loop. S7 Edge

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, after downloading latest update and installing it crashed, this because to have to less storage space. Now its in a reboot loop. When I touch in the pincode after around 20 sec its automatically restarting. Have already delete that update from /data/linageosupdate folder to make more space but it didnt solve this reboot loop issue.

Anyone else have other tips or solutions what to do? I cant use my phone now.

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You can install it via ADB in TWRP if you’re comfortable with that.

Another option would be to copy the update to an USB OTG device (for example an USB Stick with the USB-A to Micro-B adaptor that’s included in the S7 OEM package) or a SD card and manually install it from there via TWRP.

This manual will be a great help: [HOWTO] Update /e/

I just installed it from sd card manually with TWRP, and it seems to be solved.
Thxn for the tip.

My pleasure, enjoy your updated /e/ :slight_smile:

Well I cant enjoy the update, as the reboot still occurs, mostly its rebooting when I use it for example reading email or browsing even when Im in a phone call… any ideas to troubleshoot?

First step to troubleshoot would be wiping the Dalvik Cache.
Just follow this How-To: [HOWTO] Clear Dalvik/ART and System Cache in TWRP

Thanks Ludix,
Tried but it didnt solve the issue.
Could it be, that there are too less space left on the mobile?
There is around 800mb space left now.

I create more free space on my mobile now its 2gb free space left.
And looks it solved now!
Only the weird thing is that it says there are around 12gb photos/video on it but i already moved them to my nas and cant find them on my mobile, weird!
Thanks anyway Ludix…