[HOWTO] Clear Dalvik/ART and System Cache in TWRP

When the System shows uexpected behavior (especially after system updates) a good first troubleshooting step is to wipe the Dalvik/ART and System Caches.

For example if the phone keeps restarting, wiping the cache can be the solution.

What is the Dalvik/Art Cache?
Dalvik is the java based Virtual Machine that runs Android Apps on Android. Dalvik-cache is the cache area for Dalvik VM, it is created when the Dalvik VM optimizes your app for running. (Source)
If wiped, it’ll get rebuilt during the next boot (which increases the boot time temporarily).

What is the System Cache?
The system cache if for applications, for example Spotify can store your recent playlists. Or browsers can cache visited website, to offer shorter loading times. (Source)
cache is primarily used for recovery. It’s used to store the recovery log and for storing OTA (Over The Air) updates (thanks for the correction @Ingo_FP_Angel)

How To wipe the cache

Boot the device into TWRP recovery.

  1. Select Wipe

  1. Select Advanced Wipe

Don’t slide here! This’ll wipe your system partition!

  1. Check the boxes for Dalvik / Art Cache and Cache (wiping cache is not necessary)
    You don’t have to wipe the Cache as well, but I normally do it in the same step. This can fix problems with applications and has no negative effects whatsoever.
  2. Execute the wipe of these partitions with sliding the confirmation slider Swipe to Wipe

You get a confirmation after the process is finished. It barely takes any time.

  1. Reboot your system via the Reboot System button

You can boot into /e/ now. You won’t notice any obvious changes except a slightly increased startup time while the dalvik cache is rebuilt.
Hopefully the problem is now solved.


The text describes the App cache, according to the TWRP documentation the System cache means “cache is primarily used for recovery. It’s used to store the recovery log and for storing OTA (Over The Air) updates”.
This (unfortunately German) page also says that the cache partion that is wiped from TWRP is not the temporary app data storage.


Hey Ingo

Thanks for your valuable feedback!

Seems like wiping the cache via TWRP is pointless then.

I’ll update that.