After screenshot, make gallery notification open default view

Currently when user takes a screenshot and appears the gallery notification to see the image, it is opened on a non-edit mode: user cannot edit or delete the image, only share it.

It would be great to make that notification open the default view, where user can edit and delete the image.

Mhm, my pie rom shows ‘edit’

Yes you are probably on Nougat or Oreo. On Pie there are more possibilities.


Just ‘Share’ and 'Delete’ on e-0.9-n. But a touch on the notification’s thumbnail launch Gallery when you can edit, rename and so on…

In my case, even opening the gallery through the thumbnail, only I can share

I’m using 'Simple gallery pro’ (F-Droid). Perhaps settings to adjust in…

That was what I meant, yes

Quick test : out of box, doesn’t want to manage screenshots as ‘normal’ pics…