AFWall+ error on S9 /e/

Hello, can anybody please help me with the error in the Screenshot?
I downloaded AFWall+ with Aurora.

AFWall+ requires your phone to be rooted, and that’s how it tells you about that. So, it’s not an error.

Hm, I thought my phone was rooted to have e installed…
So what do I have to do?

No, that’s not exactly how it works. To install custom firmware, your phone must get bootloader unlock. In other words, it’s kinda unlocking the device itself, while applications like AFWall+ require root access, which is basically means unlocking the operation system.

There are several tools to perform root on your device. A few words about that are written HERE. (The first paragraph regarding Magisk, and the first comment under the guide.)


Thank you, but that seemed more invasive than I would feel comfortable with, so Im using Netguard now…

Yes, I suppose so. (Although LineageOS-based ROMs have their own native way of rooting). However, in many cases this is the only optimal choice. For example, AFWall+ is much better than NetGuard, and in addition, now when you have NetGuard activated, you cannot use VPN or non-root ad-blocker like Blokada.