[HOWTO] Installing Banking Apps

The following setup I have testet successfull on 3 Xiaomi devices with (German Bank) DKB Tan2Go app from Aurora.

  1. download latest magisK .zip from XDA (never use another source!!!) and flash it via TWRP (like flashing a custom rom) and reboot system
  2. from Apps or f-droid install BusyBox (BusyBox für Android) - https://f-droid.org/app/ru.meefik.busybox
  3. open BusyBox and install it - give it root access for ever
  4. open Settings in MagisK Manager
  5. Hide Magisk Manager (Point 4)
  6. scroll down to ‘Magisc Core Only Mode’ and enable it
  7. Same for ‘Magisk Hide’
  8. Under ‘Settings’ / ‘Seccurity’ check ‘Trust’. It should be like this ‘Root access’ MUST disbabled !!!
  9. Download Banking app - here I’m downloading DKB Tan2Go
  10. In MagisK Manager under ‘MagisK Hide’ enable the Banking app
  11. Now open the banking app and it should work.

If your banking apps will work after this setup, please report it here, so we will get a “list” of working banking apps. thanks

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Magisk is good for stock firmwares, but LineageOS-based ROMs have their own official root (SU). Why not use it instead?

Because the SU provided by LOS does not have a hide function and some apps (like some banking apps) will detect root and not work.


Probably too much of a beginner to ask this, but how i my supposes to patch Magisk ? Should i patch a /e/ img as requested?
I’m already on a phone with /e/ OS installed, and i don’t want to begin everything else just for giving Root. (Even if i can do a simple backup via adb). Isn’t possible to just patch it to one of the /e/ updates ?


Actually that is a good question @PoorPocketsMcNewHold !
@harvey186 maybe you need to add a few steps to the start of the HowTo on how one adds Magisk.


please follow the link to XDA on my howto. There it is described how to flash Magisk

EDIT: Sorry, no description there :frowning: OK. I will add the following to my howto

  1. download latest MagisK .zip and flash it via TWRP (same as you flashing a custom rom)

You can make a complete backup with twrp.

Absolut correct !!! :+1:

Found this on the forum may help

Also found this guide for rooted phones (with pictures)
-: also the page explains how to use it for banking.


Could you explain the need for BusyBox here?

Busy Box is something that you install on your Droid to give you some additional handy LINUX / UNIX based commands. You need Busy Box installed because some commands are not available to you and you made need them for some root level tasks.


I mean, what’s BusyBox role in this particular case?

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I’m not sure, but I think the hiding of MqgisK Manager and running only magisk core will need some special linux commands which are only available with BussyBox.


I don’t know if BusyBox turns out to be necessary in action, but at least I’m successfully activating “Сore only mode” and “Magisk hide” without it.

Haven’t checked, but if there is dependence on BusyBox — it should be mentioned in the Magisk’s manual. Also, open-source apps are usually not provided without their dependencies or an explicit statement about them.

If you can get your banking app running without bussybox, be happy. I have learned that bussybox was neccessary for my banking app. And i see no problem to use bussybox. There are some other apps wich needing it, for example titanium backup.

I don’t know what kind of problem you have with bussybox.

But anyway, try with out.


For information, apps of the swiss bank Raiffeisen work without doing anything special (installed normally via Aurora Store).
That includes :

  • Raiffeisen E-Banking
  • Raiffeisen PhotoTAN
  • Raiffeisen TWINT (to pay with the phone)

I also installed the one app (for the credit card). It displays “microG DroidGuard Helper stopped working” every time I lauch the app but the app works witout any problems.


Don’t hate me, but I was so hoping that this would allow Google Pay to work, but no… Oh well…

Why would you want google to track all of your purchases?? Luckily one of my banks offers tap & pay natively in their own app which also worked straight out of the box with /e/


It’s crazy to use google pay on a google free phone.
Google will use all your putchases for profiling, selling and commercials.


Nationwide. (UK) and Smile (UK) both work on /e/ without modifications. I download them using Aurora as not on the /e/ store.