Alternative Luncher

I enjoy Shade Launcher, not only because it works fine on tablets, but also because I find it comfortable to use and customize.
Plus: it’s FOSS, tracker-free and available on both Google and F-Droid stores.

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I haven’t tested if this one works on /e/OS but it seems to be pretty good with some interesting features like CPU, RAM and ROM display:

Lunar Launcher

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Here’s the one I use: KISS Launcher
Pretty small and blazingly fast.

If you like launcher like iOS like BlissLauncher, this one is for you : / /


Not for me:

I’ll stay with blisslauncher :slight_smile:

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Just came across this table of launchers. At first I thought it was going to be yet another one of those “Best Android Launchers in 2022” things. Just a table, no reviews or opinions.

I believe there’s about 50 launchers there.

The Definitive Android Launcher Comparison Table