Alternatives to the pre-installed apk in /e/

I have seen that many /e/ users want to uninstall the pre-installed. They are not willing to use the preinstalled apks or are not satisfied with the given apks.

Is it possible to suggest alternatives of the pre-installed apk which are un googled or keep the privacy of users, which are available at F-droid or you can avail it in /e/ app store?

So people will be able to pick up desired apk which are with privacy concern. (which is the aim of /e/)

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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sorry, but if you will ask 100 people about which app the want have you will get 150 different answers. You will never find a rom / apps which fits to all.

The ‘Boss’ has decide to use this apps and we have to life with them. But there are several ways to remove them (as I have written to you in one of your other posts) And you are able to replace them with your favorites.

Or you can build a custom rom with none default apps by your own (script is available in the how to’s)

Or you can wait til will release the ‘small eOS’ with less default apps. But no one knows when this will happens. My personal meaning is: not this year.


Only tell me that by installing our desired apk, will not entire purpose of making /e/ go away. So you decide which alternates are degoogles / safe for us and we can choose out of those alternates.



No, nit me, I’m only a normal user as you are. It’s decision by

And let me ask: Do you have ever found a Android rom or something else which fit’s all your requirements and the requirements of all other users ?? No, I don’t think so.

That’s life. You have to make compromises. But you always have to choice to use what you want. Feel free to download which ever app you like and when it is against eOS privacy rules it will work and you will be happy.


Yes you are right.
For example now i replaced Bliss Laucher with Lawnchair and broke the philosopy of Degoogling. But as the Bliss will evolve a bit i come back to the bliss.
Though i ve kept in mind that the Lawnchair Launcher is FOSS.


I will be nice, if we can deinstall the default apps without “adb”.

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why ?? As long as you are using FOSS apps from f-droid, all is OK

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no problem. use TWRP file explorer

Just boot in TWRP and delete them.

FP3 has no TWRP. And as I know, the apps are reinstalled on an OTA.

I prefer ‘moving’ so you can move them back if you device will stuck in bootloop or something else

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I know it can be inconvenient, but you will not get around making some informed choices yourself.
If in doubt, stick with Apps from F-Droid for a start and have a look at their description there. F-Droid is aware of “Anti-Features” and will list them for you.

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Yes i have been doing this for many years and so i m here.
I try to use F droid apks with some compromisations. But some apks are such that we cant go without that.

For Example i dont like whats app but most of community is on it. I convince my personal friends to come on signal of Wire.
That way i go.

Oh, yes, that’s right. That’s one reason I don’t like Fairphones

Regarding OTA, I have heard, that they won’t come back. But don’t know for sure, because I don’t make OTA’s.

Yes that is what i do.

TWRP for the Fairphone 3 has been available for months, and it even went official at recently.

And as I know, this is not true if you uninstall those Apps via ADB.

Unless it isn’t :wink: .


Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Why not deinstall the browser app on the normal way, long press and remove? The browser is such a security problem because it is outdated. And updates could be distributed faster through the appstore if it is a normal package.

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@AnotherElk , I don’t mean to get too far off topic in this thread, but you said something I’ve wondered about.

F-Droid lists apps and their anti-features.

Let’s say I am very careful to install only apps from F-Droid that do NOT have any anti-features.

Then, months later, one of the apps I installed has an update, and that update includes a new feature that is an anti-feature.

Question: Does F-Droid somehow make me aware of that?

What I’m getting at is, after the initial installation of an app, how do I in a practical way manage the device so if an app develops an anti-feature I will be informed of that?

I think one of the reasons for this is that, even when /e/ is aimed at a non-techie audience, most current users are. You can probably find alternatives on F-Droid for pretty much all pre-installed apps. Many are actually forked from open source projects already published in F-Droid.

I agree with @harvey186 in that you’ll find different answers depending on who you ask, sometimes (quite often actually) you’ll find very strong opinions about it coming from more tech-savvy people. But I don’t think uninstalling apps defeats the purpose of /e/ at all; being able to customize your phone however you like is also part of the experience.

@dln949 When you update an app it usually prompts with a message “this app doesn’t require any special permissions”. Honestly I have never seen a different message, so I can’t really be sure whether that’s just how F-Droid works or that none of the apps I updated ever had their permissions changed. It’s a great question though, maybe over at the F-Droid forums they can give you a better answer. I only searched quickly and found this one instance but may not be the same issue.