Am I reading this right?

So, I’ve read through a couple of these alternative Android rom sites, looking for a way to do anything with this phone.
It seems as though no one even mentions it, or do I have the name of the phone completely wrong, and I’m just misreading… The phone being a Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra.

On top of that, I’ve never actually modified a phone before, so I’m definitely very new to this.

Any info regarding direction to anything related to this phone would be nice.

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Hi, welcome to this forum,

I don’t remember this device as supported, please share the model number, or better the devicecodename.

If not specificly supported, G.S.I. (Generic System Image) can be installed (over android 10 based stock firmware)

[HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/

Some links here related to your device
Only TWRP and root method, no alternative OS…[title_only]=1&o=relevance

It appears to be code named “Tiramisu”. Model SM-S908UI.

U means special USA model with locked bootloader
U1 means special USA carrier specific model

Only international variant are supported by custom OSes

I don’t know shite about phones, but I think you’re wrong… I mean, please do explain if I’m wrong and this is true.

I’ve also switched carriers twice already. Without needing anything, they just sent me a new sim card, and I was not using GoogleFi anymore.

…and I’ve come crossed this post, I don’t care about erasing the data on the phone, or if it breaks really.

I’m actually kinda of tired of this thing, I only use phones to call and text people. Other than that, I just got it cause of the drive space, I use it as a sort of flash drive that I keep PC repair apps, and my ISO’s for writing to other flash drives as well as some audio books.

That’s really it, I simply get tired of carrying it around trying to justify having the thing because I spent so much on it. At this point though, I’d be fine if it broke, or somehting happened to it, I’m just using it as an experiment to learn something about cracking phones open.
I’ve tried a couple of times before to do this rooting thing, but I’ve always given up, the instructions seem oddly in depth and a bit crazy for what the outcome is. Yeah, it would be nice to remove some of the crap off the phone, but I don’t understand why that’d be any different than the way I use it now.
I thought I’d use it to play games more often through Steam Link and a Moga Pro controller, but I simply just resort to using my desktop. I can do anything I want on PC, fairly easily. But on android it’s so limited and wrapped up in all kinds of chains, it just doesn’t seem worth it unless I’m about to learn something.
…and if there is one thing I’ve learned about PC’s, the best way to learn to fix one, is break a few.

Hell, I nearly gave it to someone the other day, til he told me he was an iPhony enjoyer.

Even when carrier network is unlockable, bootloader stay locked.

Is about B , E , N , O variants but not U or U1


Also Samsung running alternative OS can’t use voice over LTE (it is proprietary feature), so only one USA carrier (and its MNVO) can be used for calls.


My advise is to find another smartphone to test alternative OSes.

search result for USA + phone
search result for US + phone

Meh, I think I’m just going to post it on Craigslist or something. It’s already too much hassle, I can simply put my sim card in my older phone and use it. Thanks for the info.

I have an S22. I haven’t figured out even how to unlock it, much less install another OS onto it. It comes in a few different versions, and the one usually sold in the US by carriers is very well locked down and is near impossible to unlock.

I’ve read some people have been able to flash the ROM, but I don’t want to take the chance.

Anyone who knows how to load e/OS onto the S22, I’d be curious to know. It’s otherwise a nice phone with a lot of horsepower and a nice camera.

Did you read any of the above posts?
What you can or cannot do depends on model, variant, codename.
Info and links have been provided. Granted it’s been awhile so check if anything has changed the past year.

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Yes, I spent weeks researching it. I usually unlock my phones, so I know how to find the specs. It’s the one with the Snapdragon chip, which makes it unlockable. There’s not even an OEM unlock option in the dev menu and all the little “hacks” people found to work around it were patched very early on. Everyone on xda gave up on it years ago. The posts you see there about the S22 are for the non-Snapdragon version sold for the International market.