Amlogic S912 generic boards

Just discovered these cool resources:

We can test builds if needed.


Just found Khadas’ repos with lots stuff for Amlogic S905X, S912, S905X3, S905D3, S922X, A311D, A311D2, Rockchip RK3399, RK3588 and more:

Hope that inspires !


New AML devices trees:



Currently trying to set-up a Banana Pi M5 with LineageOS, as this device is now official.
Waiting for a add-on touch screen as LineageOS Recovery doesn’t work with keyboard, that was unexpected :confused:
Once installed and running, I’ll try to rebuild LOS then /e/ OS. This is the way , but it’s a long way and probably full of pitfalls…
Note : official LOS is 20, aka Android 13/T. Unofficial XDA thread:

Banana Pi M5 first boot with eOS :smile_cat:

(top right is HDMI output, center background is scrcpy).

Lot of things are still to figure out… Will create a thread once usable!
I’m quite confident, home-made LOS 20 is running fine :wink:

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First /e/OS build for Banana Pi M5: [ALIEN BUILD] /e/OS for Banana Pi M5


Cool !

Can you build “generic” image for S912 boxes too ?
(if possible, as LE does, by exploiting gxm_q20* dtbs)

We’ll glad to test it on our boxes.

Could you please elaborate a bit? :flushed:

*Elec (Libre, Core, etc.) uses dtb - aka config - files for various boards supported.

The question is if, in your opinion, it’s possible to do the same with LOS/e.

Hope it’s more clear now.

Not sure, at all… :confused:

Unlike mainline Linux distro, I’ve always seen Android builds being device-specific (not talking about GSI here).

As I could read on XDA thread for LOS20, most device have specific implementations.
Sorry, but, although maybe buildable, I don’t think that a generic image will boot on any device!