Android 10 with /e/?


are there any news for Android 10 with /e/? I am badly waiting to use the new camera module which inhabits my drawer since a couple of months. I have just updated the recent update from 31 May but still no Android 10.

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I made the update myself using easy-installer, however, I never wanted to do this. But waiting for months is annoying …

I assume that you only want to do the upgrade OTA (i.e. through the “System Update” in Settings), and in that respect, there is no news. If you want to upgrade to Android 10, you will need to go through the new installation instructions or the Easy Installer.

However, it seems like there will be the next major upgrade to Android 11 in a couple of weeks which will not be available through System Update either. So in your case I would suggest to wait for Android 11 anyway. Waiting for an OTA upgrade is something I would not recommend, that could still take a lot of time.

P.S.: For others reading, we are talking about a Fairphone 3 here.


Yeah, but exactly this is what a user expects when he/she bought an FP3 with preinstalled /e/ from the shop. The FP3 is a special case because it’s still the only device you can buy like this, so that’s a motivation also for non-tech people to buy it. Providing this device with /e/ in a shop and then leaving the user alone with the easy-installer or a web page full of instructions is not a so good idea … (I guess this is the main reason why there are not more devices with preinstalled /e/ - they can’t manage OTA updates until now.)

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I am in a similar position to what OP outlined. I am someone who purchased the Fairphone 3 from /e/ based of of a genuine excitement for the philosophy of both company’s.

I’m not a technological person, but I loved the modular upgrade nature of Fairphone. I’m not confident to upgrade manually so I bought my Fairphone 3 preinstalled from /e/.

Now, my module updates are sitting in a drawer, and essentially if I had understood that the module upgrades only work when /e/ rolls out the programing OTA I’d have opted for a Fairphone original with Google backend which I updates automatically. It’s a bit misleading to folks like me who wrongly assumed buying from /e/ would mean the phones compatibility keeps up with fairphone releases, without us actioning anything manually… I think this should be made very clear on the /e/ Fairphone purchase page for us noobs as I did not know this and am finding it out a year on…

Might be the wrong forum to ask this, but do you know if it possible to revert my /e/ Fairphone 3 to a Google Fairphone 3, then at least moving forward that would keep the phone software/modules up to date automatically?

It’s a manual process, too, but it’s possible …

“This article will also help you to revert to Fairphone OS if you installed a different Operative System (OS)”

If you happen to have Fairphone Angels in your vicinity, they could perhaps assist you in person with any manual endeavour … 👼 The Fairphone Angels Program and Map (Local support by community members) - Local - Fairphone Community Forum.

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@FP3user - what version are you on currently and is there any update offered in the updater currently?

There is a stable 0.18-q release available that carries updated firmware at the time in parity with the fairphone rom. If you use the easyupdater to update to this version you’ll have everything the stock rom has and the new camera module should work. Time given, there will be a Q->R update without userdata reset, so no need to wait to update to Q imho. I understand you’re on Pie and the userdata reset is the blocker.

I will debug the P->Q/R userdata migration, why the reset is necessary

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