Android 10 works like a charm...but no streaming services anymore!?

You should be able to get the Stock 10 ROM from sammobile . Ensure you get the ROM for your country. Using ODIN you can flash 10 and then upgrade to the /e/ Q build.

Is there any update on whether streaming services are working on the Q build yet? I am still running Android 8 for this reason.

1 - Rom from my country (USA) and not from where the phone was manufactured for (France)?
2 - Any ROM from that country? (I didn’t see USA and I see 3 French)
3 - Do I need to match the baseband to the fields on sammobile (G960FXXSBETH2)
4 - Do I need to do anything about unlocking bootloader? (my reading says no)
5 - Do I need to do a full format/wipe of all partitions?

It’s good to know that I can go right to 10, It’s good to know I’ll need ODIN. One of the unspoken or assumptions about samsung is that fastboot USB drivers won’t work, which is why ODIN is required. The version of ODIN mentioned/linked on sammobile was not on the same as what looked to be the official ODIN site.

Thanks @Manoj I do appreciate your time.

When I was testing the upgrade of the s9 from /e/ Oreo to /e/Q I did the following

  • Downloaded the Stock 10 ROM from sammobile for india …country where I live
  • Downloaded the ODIN ver 3.14
  • Removed all pins and locks set up on the phone
  • On a windows PC installed stock 10 first
  • Checked the phone was working on 10
  • Installed TWRP
  • Installed a patch we have linked here by sideloading as described here
  • Sideloaded the /e/OS Q build

Had done this a couple of months back to test a few different options and hope I remember the steps correctly
I have asked a team member to update the s9 / s9+Upgrade page as it is created using a template and is incorrect. …mentions Fastboot which does not work on Samsung devices.
If you check the LineageOS wiki they sideload the upgrade OS for all devices

We are working on getting a OTA OS Upgrade working for the s9 / s9+ . This development is still in progress.

I’m finally getting a more complete idea of what to do. More complete yes!.. but still not complete…

The SM-G960F was never released in the US and so I don’t see it available here:

Since I will be going from stock pretty much immediately to /e/ via the method you thoughtfully put together… does it even matter what stock firmware I use?

I may be misremembering something I read either here or at XDA over the last week but… If I use the wrong baseband for my device when transitioning to /e/ won’t I have other weird issues (like streaming service issues). I hope the answer is that I’m wrong about it.

In my current 8.1.0 build I do see my baseband version is G960FXXBETH2. This is the reason why I asked if I needed to use the french version that has a matching field.

I’m getting an error when side-chaining the no-verity-encrypt-samsung zip file. The vendors file ran ok. The directions didn’t say to reboot after that but I did after no-verity failed with Error Code:1

Nothing is encrypted. Do I need to run this magic patch?

Error 1 on running no-verity patch.
-Formatted and wiped per instructions
-put back in sideload mode and ran “adb sideload”

Vendor image on the device is NOT compatible
Expected android 10 vendor

Updater process ended with error 7.


For installing Q over stock firmware 10, no more need to install vendor27

Error 7 is probanly because you forgot to reboot to recovery between format /data and advanced wipe. OR you need to change the type of /data partition to another and rechange to ext4

Thank you for taking the time to reply with helpful comments.

Very well. I’m going to ignore the temptation of asking what the vendor patch did. FWIW the vendor patch did install/complete. It was the other (no verify encryption??) patch that failed.

I can’t forget what I never knew. Now that I know (thank you) I’ll try not to forget.

Where is this instruction outlined? Can you provide a link or clarify what fs to change the /data partition to? Why not ext4?

Do you mean:
-wipe (then reboot to recovery)
-Advanced wipe (reboot to recovery again)
-manually edit partition (create fs, format, then mount to /data, reboot to recovery again because why not)
-THEN sidechain /e/Q?

Most importantly… do I need to start all over by refreshing the stock rom using odin? Or can I just wipe and try again?

I admit that I dont understand what the purpose of flashing a stock rom is since it’s pretty much immediately blown away/formatted/wiped in TWRP. If that is NOT what’s happening with that step… I could benefit from knowing what is really going on.

Can you adress m

Can you address this question please? Your statement wasn’t clear.

I was able to get Stock 10 installed, and then side loaded /e/Q BUT I got an encryption error and I’m not able to get the no-verity dm disabler to run via sideload because I get a generic “Error 1”. I did locate the developers site and ran the latest version.

If I can’t get these questions answered then I’m afraid anyone else out there that wants to upgrade to 10 from a samsung s9 is doomed to run into at least some of the same issues. I’m like 99% there. Just can’t figure out this encryption sh!t.

I understand nothing about encryption.

Have you did a factory reset after your successfully install /e/ on your device ?

Edit :

You have flashed a modified /vendor partition,
it could be the cause of your disfonctionnement.

You must now re-flash only the android Q Samsung’s /vendor partition (extract it from the downloaded firmware), or re-flash the antire Q Samsung firmware, and TWRP, and finally /e/OS

Great word! I see you edited your post and removed the CAPS. It’s OK. I probably deserve to get yelled at.

@Manoj also says it’s no longer required to flash the vendor file…so this time I won’t.

If I do exactly what you say and still get an encryption error… well I guess I’ll burn that bridge when I get there.

You are not responsible for the wrong documentation.

We are claiming to Manoj for month about those non accurate documentations, but he has not the direct control over it. I hope one of the new /e/team members will take his hand on this important component.

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From what I see I believe you are over thinking it. You have an unlocked bootloader and TWRP installed, this is the hardest part. Now all you have to do is flash a stock Android 10 ROM and then follow THIS. If you follow it everything will be wiped (*DM Verity/Root files you have flashed) and then after you get /e/Q installed you can tackle the encryption through Trust in the settings (if the phone isn’t already encrypted, it will tell you, see below):point_down:

I am responsible for everything I encounter. Even moreso when I’m negitively impacted by something that isn’t my fault. Opportunity lurks where responsibility has been abdicated

Whoever is responsible for maintaining this documentation is also doing 17+ other things and this probably isn’t the only company they work for. If their efforts are spread as thin as they probably are… At some point the reality is that trying to do one more** thing means choosing to do a whole bunch of sh!t badly or incomplete haha.

I say once we (the oppressed Samsung users in the community) know what works we co-create a thread that would have been the thing I wish I had when I started.

What’s one more time at this point.
Did factory reset from stock Q recovery
booted it up. Wifi and Cellular Work.
Enabled Dev mode
I can see oem unlocked,
flashed twrp using odin
booted into twrp recovery

FYI I’m not going to sidechain vendor file or use dm-verity (this time). I’ll update once I do the rest of the things.

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Pl write a correct install guide and I can have that linked. The updates to the templates on the site by the team members will take some time.

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I am in business! I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you.

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I did, ([HOWTO] install /e/ on a Samsung device from a GNU/Linux PC successfully)
i like to say it is too much illustrated, but i really want it step by step ( 1.700 vues, 0 comments,1 thanks, but no questions ),
Not all users read it when I link it, we cannot enforce them

I am thinking about reformat it to match the template structure ( point 1, 2, 3,…) like in /First timer - checking requirements
And use

the more details feature

For more clarity, I want to mask some of the more detailled explanations or photos

Also, I am not comfortable with English, so I would like to write it in French.

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The hardest thing to get anyone asking for help to do is anything at all. Without being critical I’m sure that if I can pick apart a set of instructions and not find ambiguity… then you’ve got 99% of the people you’d probably want to reach anyway. I struggle. Thanks again.