Android 11 Samsung S6 devices G920F and G925F Unofficial Special creation

Hello e Family , im back with some news for the Samsung S6 users…

After the successful launch of Android 13 /e/ OS for Mido and Mi439, we are pleased to announce the release of the much-awaited /e/ OS for Samsung S6 G920F and G925F. This release is an unofficial build by Nemix, which has been reviewed by Puck Channel48, and is now available for download. The /e/ OS is a privacy-focused operating system that puts users in control of their data. It comes with pre-installed apps that do not track or share user data, and a range of privacy-enhancing features such as a system-wide ad-blocker, tracker blocker, and DNS encryption. /e/ OS also offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, with a custom launcher and app store. We are thrilled to bring the March 2023 /e/ OS to Samsung S6 G920F and G925F users, and we hope that they will enjoy the privacy and security benefits of the operating system. We also encourage those who have not yet experienced the /e/ OS to give it a try. In addition, we are always looking for /e/ OS Rom builders for other devices that do not have /e/ OS yet. If you are interested in contributing to the /e/ OS community and bringing privacy to more users, please contact us. Download links for the Samsung S6 G920F and G925F unofficial build by Nemix are provided below. We look forward to hearing feedback from our users.

Thank you,to The /e/ Foundation and my bro Nemix for the builds . Please leave us your thoughts
and show me a way how I can share the links -

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


yeah man, nice to see you here !
and one more time thanks for the reggae song :

" /e/ ROM, your are the best ! "

( in my head during weeks… and still sometimes now )
even if the /e/ build for the Galaxy Tab2 espressowifi variant did not work on my gt-p3110, i now have a espresso3g gt-p5100 dual-booting Android /e/OS and Linux PostmarketOS.


you forgot to provide the links for the Galaxy s6 SM-G620F / SM-G650F in your post…

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Hi Bro , I totally forgot about the song , you brought big smile on my face , The links would not pass the thread , so IDK if I can post them here now , and yes i,m here brother one love to you …

Great to see you here @channel48 ! Add a few more posts here and the annoying ban on posting links will lift.

Vendor Name: Samsung
Device name: SM-G920F
Device Code Name: zerofltexx
Version of Stock which existed previously: Android 7.0.0 G920FXXU6EVG1
Version of /e/OS :zap: e-1.10-r-20230404-UNOFFICIAL-zerofltexx by @Nemix
Version of Custom Recovery :zap: OrangeFox-R11.1-Stable-zerofltexx
The device is Not rooted

First impression is good. Thank you @Nemix for the build, thank you @channel48 for info.


Do you have SM-G625F links, too?

Gina thank youuuuu !!!

Vendor Name: Samsung
Device name: SM-G925F
Device Code Name: zeroltexx
Version of /e/OS :zap: e-1.10-r-20230404-UNOFFICIAL-zeroltexx by @Nemix
Version of Custom Recovery :zap: OrangeFox-R11.1-Stable-zerofltexx

Thank you @Nemix for the build, thank you @channel48 for info


Thank you @ronnz98 for this builds.

I am using the ROM from Now, I have a smartphone that automatically gets updates of Lineage OS 18+.
Maybe it is worth getting in contact with the developer Borstelchen to join forces.
This here is a great option since eOS has many cool features.

@Borstelchen’s LineageOS 18.1 ROM has fine features like private signed key and OTA update support, but - as usual with LOS - the build does not support signature spoofing. So no MircoG can be installed without additional effort. So only the googled OGApps and their derivatives remain, which are no alternative for me.

Sure, I just mentioned him because the S6 edge I had was not usable until I have found his ROM. Since he is working in a similar direction as @channel48, I thought there might be knowledge all could share. Seems like you know his work.

@Gianna & @channel48 One question. Is there a reason why this unofficial ROM cannot be an official eOS ROM?

Well you have to find someone who want to be a ROM Maintainer for a device not yet supported, more information you’ll find here:

@tyxo , the term ‘Unofficial’ is not necessarily different from ‘Official’ in the sense of code and result. You can build a custom ROM purely based on the code provided by the LineageOS Android distribution team without any additions, and the result will be exactly the same as a so-called “Nightly”, minus some ‘fingerprints’ here and there that show who built it. And: ‘Official’ is not necessarily better than ‘Unofficial’.

For many popular devices, there are both, and the developers of the unofficial versions add tweaks to differentiate themselves, e.g. a customized kernel, a stripped-down build (i.e. some pre-installed apps removed) designed to the developer’s taste. …

The official version isn’t always perfect, either. Sometimes ROM developers have unreleased patches that have not yet been released to the upstream, or they were not approved during code review for various reasons, leaving long overdue bugs in the official builds. Developers can release unofficial builds that already include these bug fixes when they are built locally, which fixes the bugs.

When a new Android version is released, so-called unofficial builds are almost always released first. This is usually due to the strict requirements that the /e/ development team wants to enforce for official versions.

Since the /e/ team lacks manpower { … @Manojwe do have developer bandwidth issues. … } I don’t expect official /e/OS versions for the SM-G920F and SM-G925F.

I’ve already tested various custom ROMs for the Galaxy S6 SM-G920F. The current /e/OS-R V.1.15 by @ronnz98 is currently the best for me

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The main big difference is that official builds will get OTA updates, whereas most unofficial and custom builds will not. OTA updates need the builder to have - or have access to - an OTA server to store and deliver the updates.

… not to mention that /e/OS are ‘official’ signed builds as opposed to ‘test keys’.

But this can all be managed, as several unofficial LineageOS builds prove. It is up to the discretion and skill of the ROM builder.

Aside: @freechelmi has offered an OTA server.

I have some servers and space to build an OTA server

Some unofficial builds are signed, with the builder’s own keys