Android Auto with /e/?

Not exactly what you are looking for. But I thought I would mention that the Amazon Echo Auto + Alexa app does work on /e/OS sans any google services. Allowing for hands free navigation, hands free music, etc in the car.

It doesn’t solve the display issue. (I use a magnetic phone mount in my car.)

And of course there are obviously known privacy concerns with Amazon.

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Just an Update. I found out that my Library isn’t fully revealed until due to the Fact that the Car is moving. If I stop and reopen the Library it is fully there.

Just an Update. I took my Poco F3 and flashed the latest 0.23 dev Build onto it. I noticed that Android Auto using NikGapps AddOns isn’t flashable anymore due to the Fact that the System Partition has no available Space on it. This is exactly the same when flashing my Mi8 again. Anyone else encountered this “Problem”? Tried fixing Partition with TWRP but didn’t help. PocoF3 has 128GB of Storage Space, so it should be some space availabe. Don’t know about the Partition Layout.

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Is there, perhaps, some open implementation of android auto? While the NikGapps sounds OK, it still requires g maps, g speech and g search on the phone, which sort of defeats the purpose of having /e/ in the first place…

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I know of no solution, but I think that this is generally possible.

Gmaps can be replaced by a different navigation app (I know of Here WeGo, TomTom, and Waze). Speech is not needed at all (might has to be replaced by a dummy app). I have no idea where exactly the Google app itself would be needed, so maybe a dummy app can also do the job.

It’s strange… I’ve done that, but i’ve got usb connexion problem. I’ll retry in a few moment…

No installation (twrp flash) problem for me :wink:

Space is mentioned as an issue in this thread. Android Auto on a virtual machine

Bad issue… :frowning:

It seems that finally a full workable solution (confirmed by a few users) is available here:

Just flash the zip file and reboot.
I didn’t tried myself so it would be good to get some more feedback… :wink:

Just tried it on my OnePlus 8T and got the “No Free Space” message so I couldn’t install it. Is there any way I can expand the system partition (preferably without building my own image)?

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The app will be discontinued soon, gg prefer its ‘gg assistant’ for Android 12…

Only for the phone mode. If you connect it to a car it will still work just like normal.

Did some quick reading on the MicroG github, and from what I can tell, Android Auto would most likely have to be installed as a system app by /e/ themselves in one form or another. Option 2 or 3 won’t preinstall Android Auto, but makes it available should the user desire it later. Option 3 would probably be the best way for /e/ to do it so users who don’t want anything Google on their devices aren’t forced to have it. But again, the /e/ team would have to do this.


I agree, both option 2 and 3 would be great!

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be the case that this is planned short- or mid-term. Android Auto is such a great feature and it’s so sad that it can’t be used with /e/ so far.

I am on LOS19 for microG right now. With apply that Magisk module my result was mixed:
Phone connects to car and AA is shown in car display. Maps is shown as icon but not opened on car’s screen.
Anyhow, I tested this offline (no wifi, no mobile data), later one the idea is to disable the ethernet access by firewall.
It would be interesting what to do, to have a minimal setup to have a navigation mirrored on screen of car. So without (or passive) gmaps, gapp, speech.

Could someone else test this on /e/OS or LOS18.1? (android 11)

I’m not sure I understand the problem here; is it the same as mine?
I have just bought a new car. Unfortunately, no GPS… just android auto.
I have a FairPhone 4 on which I have installed /e/OS (version 1.10) as I don’t want google in my life.
To project the phone onto the car screen, I think I need to install Android Auto. If App Lounge doesn’t offer this, then my data will probably go to google (which I don’t want).
What is the alternative to projecting the phone onto the screen? Is there a way to install android Auto on /e/OS? What data is likely to go to google?
Thank you for your help

Check out this newer thread for some answers

Indeed, at the moment there’s no solution to run Android Auto on a Fairphone 4 stable as you can not install magisc module without rooting your device (and thus loose all your data).

Hopefully /e/ devs are working hard on an opensource solution to make it work with Android Auto APIs in the future.