Android Auto with /e/?

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to use an /e/ Smartphone with Android Auto?
I wondered, if /e/ supports Android Auto (or can be made doing it), but I did not find a clear answer to that in the forum. The tendency is however negative (see e.g., here: /e/ and Android Auto?)
Making Android Auto work would be a big benefit for some of us, you could control apps like GMaps or Spotify directly from your car. (I know that using these apps goes partly against the idea behind /e/ and is not the best option for some of us, but let’s leave out that discussion here!)

Is MicroG the Crux of the Problem?
It seems to be that the Problem is related to MicroG, which does not support Android Auto at all (see here: Implementation Status · microg/GmsCore Wiki · GitHub)
However, there seem to be ways of overcoming this (see here: microG + Android Auto fully working | Page 2 | XDA Forums), but they require flashing (i.e., installing from scratch) /e/ and I’m not sure if this will really help. Can someone explain to me in easy words what is missing in MicroG to support Android Auto? Is it realistic that we will see this in the near future?

My Attempts
When I tried to connect via Android Auto, I got the following error message: “Android Open Automotive Protocoll - no Apps installed for this USB-device. More information under” (roughly translated from German: keine installierten Apps für dieses USB-Zubehör. Weitere Informationen unter

For that, I did install the Android Auto App (as it is necessary for < Android 10). I’m using a Fairphone 3 running /e/OS 0.18 20210815130098 (Android 9).
Are chances higher to get it running when upgrading to the /e/-Version of Android 10 or 11? From Android 10 on, it seems that the Android Auto functions are more built-in, as you don’t need to download the App for it.

Would the chances be higher to get MirrorLink running?

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Android auto does not work with microG

And yet according to the linked thread, it seems is does work! Or at least it can be made to work, with minimal tinkering :slight_smile:

I thought I would miss Android Auto when I jumped into /e/ with both feet. For the most part, I don’t. Voice to text never worked very well for me anyway, I can operate music and podcasts (mostly) through Bluetooth, and I just have to set the map up before I start driving. It’s a challenge, but I’ve found through my /e/ journey that for the most part, I can do without (which has been my experience with many apps I thought I “needed”)

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Come on…maybe for you and me…but not for 90% of the users…
This is more then install a apk from outside a store.
One change in one bit and bammm, start thinking an trying again