Android Auto with /e/?

Only for the phone mode. If you connect it to a car it will still work just like normal.

Did some quick reading on the MicroG github, and from what I can tell, Android Auto would most likely have to be installed as a system app by /e/ themselves in one form or another. Option 2 or 3 won’t preinstall Android Auto, but makes it available should the user desire it later. Option 3 would probably be the best way for /e/ to do it so users who don’t want anything Google on their devices aren’t forced to have it. But again, the /e/ team would have to do this.


I agree, both option 2 and 3 would be great!

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be the case that this is planned short- or mid-term. Android Auto is such a great feature and it’s so sad that it can’t be used with /e/ so far.

I am on LOS19 for microG right now. With apply that Magisk module my result was mixed:
Phone connects to car and AA is shown in car display. Maps is shown as icon but not opened on car’s screen.
Anyhow, I tested this offline (no wifi, no mobile data), later one the idea is to disable the ethernet access by firewall.
It would be interesting what to do, to have a minimal setup to have a navigation mirrored on screen of car. So without (or passive) gmaps, gapp, speech.

Could someone else test this on /e/OS or LOS18.1? (android 11)

I’m not sure I understand the problem here; is it the same as mine?
I have just bought a new car. Unfortunately, no GPS… just android auto.
I have a FairPhone 4 on which I have installed /e/OS (version 1.10) as I don’t want google in my life.
To project the phone onto the car screen, I think I need to install Android Auto. If App Lounge doesn’t offer this, then my data will probably go to google (which I don’t want).
What is the alternative to projecting the phone onto the screen? Is there a way to install android Auto on /e/OS? What data is likely to go to google?
Thank you for your help

Check out this newer thread for some answers

Indeed, at the moment there’s no solution to run Android Auto on a Fairphone 4 stable as you can not install magisc module without rooting your device (and thus loose all your data).

Hopefully /e/ devs are working hard on an opensource solution to make it work with Android Auto APIs in the future.

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Hi All,

I recently installed an EONON Android Headunit in my car and wanted to connect my Murena Phone. Android Auto does not work as you may know.
I tested out a number of different apps and the one that was most promising and was able to connect a Murena phone to an android headunit is CarbitLink-EasyConnection.
This app needs to be installed on the headunit and the phone and it will allow you to mirror and control your phone via usb (without needing bluetooth) and can also connect over wifi without a usb cable.
I think if the headunit was connected to the phone’s hotspot then this may also work but have not tested yet.
When you mirror it will show you all your phone apps on the headunit and when you use Maps (Magic Earth) for example it will flip to landscape mode on your headunit.

I havent quite figured out how to relay the audio from the phone to the headunit but I think this permission is under Settings >Apps>CarbitLink> App Info on your Murena Phone.

Hopes this helps! :+1:


GrapheneOS is getting Android Auto, so maybe some day we could see AA also in e/os/?

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Graphene goes fundamentally different about Play Services (sandboxed full play services) than the microG distributions. sn-00-x proposed some patches for Calyx (microG distribution) on how to integrate that’d be transferable to /e/, for people building their own device image at least that aren’t keen on going the magisk route.

For a lengthy discussion of the approaches (including Graphene), see the last 2-3 comments leading up to the closing one by microGs Marvin:

Android Auto compatibility is a very long awaited feature in /e/os. Dev Team knows that and @GaelDuval knows that very well. But it’s just not easy to implement as you can read in many posts in this and other fóruns.
Let’s just hope in 2024 the dev team will find a “magic” solution for non rooted devices.


Dear @Manoj , until now, Roadmap for 2024 wasn’t released. Is there anyone who can explain /e/os users what is being done to add the long awaited compatibility with Android Auto?

I’ve been a very happy /e/os user for a few years now. Have bought FP3 and FP4 from Murena Store. But Android Auto is a must have that is preventing me from buying a FP5.


Thanks for the reminder. Will request Gaël to share the roadmap for 2024


There’s still this open feature request:

The last commit was more than 7 months ago though…

Dear @Manoj did Gael answered our request for a roadmap?


@Manoj , any news on this? Will we have a roadmap for 2024?


I have passed on the request to Gaël. Gaël has been a little busy of late attending conferences and meetings across EU. He should be able to share the roadmap by March.


I’ve just watch (in replay) the /e/OS 2.0 live session here:

The very last announcement of Gaël Duval at the end of the video says that Android Auto is now available on a few devices since 2.0 - which is pretty exciting - and that there’s a documentation on how to install… However I’m not able to type the correct URL that he spells in the video.

Has someone further information about this gigantic new?

EDIT: Found it:

In brief: Just need to install those 4 applications:

. Google
. Google maps
. Google Speech Recognition & Synthesis
. Android Auto

Not sure on which devices it works yet, but needs Android 13 (I have a FP4 which will get Android 13 at the next update but my car is not compatible).

Great new! Thank you!


I am using eOS v2 on a moto g32 devon phone and Android Auto is connecting allowing me to view Google Maps and Podcasts.
Music is not available and when I make a call it displays bluetooth not connected despiite the phone being paired to the EONON headunit.

It only shows a limited number of apps in the launcher to customise which seem to be all google apps and microg settings.