Android Auto with /e/?

Only for the phone mode. If you connect it to a car it will still work just like normal.

Did some quick reading on the MicroG github, and from what I can tell, Android Auto would most likely have to be installed as a system app by /e/ themselves in one form or another. Option 2 or 3 won’t preinstall Android Auto, but makes it available should the user desire it later. Option 3 would probably be the best way for /e/ to do it so users who don’t want anything Google on their devices aren’t forced to have it. But again, the /e/ team would have to do this.


I agree, both option 2 and 3 would be great!

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be the case that this is planned short- or mid-term. Android Auto is such a great feature and it’s so sad that it can’t be used with /e/ so far.

I am on LOS19 for microG right now. With apply that Magisk module my result was mixed:
Phone connects to car and AA is shown in car display. Maps is shown as icon but not opened on car’s screen.
Anyhow, I tested this offline (no wifi, no mobile data), later one the idea is to disable the ethernet access by firewall.
It would be interesting what to do, to have a minimal setup to have a navigation mirrored on screen of car. So without (or passive) gmaps, gapp, speech.