Android fingerprint reader vulnerability

I’m not sure if this is even something that is the responsibility of /e/OS, but if it is, I’m wondering if there are any plans for a fix for the recent fingerprint vulnerability and when it can be expected or if that’s something that will be fixed upstream and then make it into /e/OS? Even a rough estimate would helpful; just want to know whether or not it will be fixed eventually. Apologies if this has already been dealt with elsewhere.


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Well. It is written that the $15 circuit must be attached on the guts of the phone, after removing the cover. Easy on some models, but not the majority of current phones.

So some app like FindMyDevice can erase and reset the phone after it is lost or stolen.

Yes, there is recourse should the device be stolen. Plus, with an unlocked bootloader, physical access always a concern. However, I’m more curious about whether or not this specific vulnerability will be fixed in /e/OS or if that’s something to be fixed elsewhere.